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High memory Usage with AHK

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Whenever I use AHK to interact with a program that uses 15% or more of my memory (Minecraft, Andy, Steam games, and so on...) my memory shoots up until the program I'm running is closed.
I get NO memory spikes when I run andy alone.

I get NO memory spikes when I run Apps alone.
But together my memory rises up to 98% usage over the course of 30 minutes or so, causing my system to run really slow.
its more noticeable when I leave it alone with a script running (Hold Right click or left click is the most complicated script I have left running)

Actively using hotkeys while playing it has a similar effect but it takes longer to build up the memory usage. (Click really fast for a second)

As stated above I have NO problems using either AHK or any program alone.

any ideas on why or a way to fix it?

Jackie Sztuk _Blackholyman
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I have only seen this type of thing happen when something in the code is making it happen...

But as you did not post your code we can't see if that's the case here.

If the code is not at fault then maybe something else needs to be looked at...

But without the exact script that's giving you issue I can't say!

Please always try and remember to post the code that you are having issues with :)

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