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Using a literal string variable (URL) with ControlSend

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I am trying to print out a URL string and tried various things without success


url := "https://www.google.n...otkey send url"

url = https://www.google.n...ey escape colon

url = https{:}//www.google.nl/?gws_rd=ssl{#}q=autohotkey+escape+colon
And a ton more in combination with
ControlSendRaw, , %url%, Mozilla Firefox
ControlSend, , {Raw}%url%, Mozilla Firefox
ControlSend, , %url%, Mozilla Firefox
But the colon keeps changing to a semi colon and I cannot get the hashtag to work either. Except when I put the colon or hashtag as the very first character using:
url := "# something #" results in - # something 3
url := ": something :" results in - : something ;
So what am I doing wrong? I just need to send these url's to a background app, that is all...



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Have you changed the KeyDelay with SetKeyDelay? Because ControlSend has given me issues with not sending the desired character but the unshifted character if I used SetKeyDelay, 0. I had to set it to 1 to avoid the problems.