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how to make a script holding a key?

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i want a script that a key is pressed, keep it holding for 3sec and release it.


i already know there is a funtion that 'send {key down}'


so i made it like a following, but it doesn't work.





send {Numpad5 down}

sleep 3000

send {Numpad5 up}





i think if it work on notepad, show like this




but it work like this





how do i make it?



additionally, i don't want an answer using 'loop' fuction.


i'll use ti to games.


loop is not worty to them and they even doen't recongnize 'send' function.

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Send is what you
have to work with

And the repeating
of the held key
comes from the
keyboard driver
not from the OS

So even if the key
state is down the
key will not
automatically repeat.

To make it repeat if
that's what you want
then loop or settimer
is the way to go

Games has there own issues
when trying to send
key events as some of
them uses their own method
to detect keystrokes

So first find a way that
you game will allow you
to send keys then figure
out how to modify that for
whatever your trying to do

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