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getting back that WIN+C clock for Windows 10, full screen

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Unfortunately Windows 10 removed the clock that Win 8.x displayed at the bottom left when opening the "Charms Bar" which was handy when watching a movie in fullscreen for example. Below is a clock script that I execute from my startup ahk script like so:

; WIN+C => show clock
#c::run %A_AHKPath% "clock.ahk"

When I hit WIN+C It runs the clock script which displays a neat clock in a borderless fullscreen window.

As I don't use Cortana, I can use this shortcut.

To search (locally!) I simply hit the WIN key.

No need for cluttering my taskbar with a search box.


Here's the script in clock.ahk (comments as to improvements welcome):

#SingleInstance ignore

top = 400
fontcolor = eeffff
background = 8833cc

Gui, -border -caption
Gui, color, %background%
Gui, margin, 0, %top%
Gui, font, s96 c%fontcolor%, Times
Gui, add, text, center w%A_ScreenWidth% r1 vdisplay
Gui, font, s48
Gui, margin, 0, 0
Gui, add, text, center w%A_ScreenWidth% r1 vdate
Gui, show, w%A_ScreenWidth% h%A_ScreenHeight% X0 Y0

Gosub, currentTime
SetTimer, currentTime, 100

GuiControl,, display, %A_Hour%:%A_Min%:%A_Sec%
GuiControl,, date, %A_DD%. %A_MMMM% %A_YYYY%



  • set top to adjust the vertical positioning from the top of your screen
  • set fontcolor and background to any other hex color values you prefer
  • to change the displayed date format, modify:
GuiControl,, date, %A_DD%. %A_MMMM% %A_YYYY%
  • e.g.:
    GuiControl,, date, %A_DD%.%A_MM%.%A_YYYY%


  1. There is the occasional flickering that I have not found a way to fix.
  2. I'd prefer to position the text vertically centered in the window without using top. How to?
  3. Not sure if the font is actually smoothly anti-aliased or how to make it so if it wasn't.

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There is the occasional flickering that I have not found a way to fix.


This a major drawback and can only be solved using gdip i guess.The same with the anti alias problem.If you have a few hours to spent, take a look at the examples given by Tic here: http://www.autohotke...topic32238.html( if you use 64bit ahk use the gdip_all.ahk lib version)


I am sure you can code your "gdip" clock after trying the examples.( i checked if it solves the problems i mentioned earlier)


I would also use a settimer,currenttime,1000 ( personally for me that is enough ! ;) )



winXP  and ahk unicode