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AppsKey doesn't work, no Controls available, what to do?

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I'm trying to automate a program which we'll call Prognav. It has a main window consisting of smaller windows or panels. Prognav doesn't have any ControlList Controls (ClassNN) available, at least I'm not able to access them. However, I need to have my script choosing an item in an Context Menu inside the program, ie. open a rightclick menu over a certain item in the window. Since I should also be able to resize the window, I can't do a "dumb" MouseMove automation for this one.


What can I do to get Controls out of this software that doesn't seem to support them, or to have AppsKey (Context Menu) working when this software doesn't seem to support it? I just need to rightclick the location where the keyboard focus already is. But I can't seem to a way to do that (without just using dumb mouse coordinates).