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I use this program called ProjectDox. The program uses IE windows. The problems is that it constantly makes you log in. PIA. Is there anyway to refresh all of IE windows in the background? The windows may not be the top window. I have tried various scripts and cannot get anything to work. Part of the problem is the windows change titles depending on which project is opened


Example: https://eplanreview....?ProjectID=7289- ePlanReview - Internet Explorer ahk_class IEFrame


I need something that runs like every 30 minutes in the background. 


Probably, not doable but I thought I would ask.


Thank you for your time and help.


I searched and found the below but it does not work.


SetTimer, refreshFtp, 10000
WinGet, windows, List, https://
Loop %windows%
AhkID := windows%A_Index%
WinGetClass,AHKClass, ahk_id %AhkID%
if AHKClass = IEFrame
   PostMessage, 0x111, 41504, 0 , , ahk_id %AhkID%
if AHKClass = ExploreWClass
   PostMessage, 0x111, 41504, 0 , , ahk_id %AhkID%
if (AHKClass = IEFrame or AHKClass = ExploreWClass) 
   PostMessage, 0x111, 41504, 0 , , ahk_id %AhkID% this if (X or Y) didn't work for some reason

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Try this 

if (AHKClass = "IEFrame" or AHKClass = "ExploreWClass")
   PostMessage, 0x111, 41504, 0 , , ahk_id %AhkID% 

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Thanks but still does not seem to be working.

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The script as you posted it will check the open windows only once and then exit, because it is not persistent (see second paragraph).

I would suggest creating a Window Group and specifying that group when calling the WinGet List command. Then you can just iterate through the windows without the need to check the class of each one.