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AVG Antivirus Free found a virus in AutoHotkeySC.bin

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AVG Antivirus Free found a Trojan Horse Generic3.HTN in AutoHotkeySC.bin

should i get worried about this? i must say that i don't use the compiler to make executables, but i don't know if is a false positive or what
in one of my computers that is found as virus and in the other not, with the same antivirus

ok, now also in the other computer is found as a virus, i forgot to update the virus definitions (i did it yesterday)

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Same with my computer. The virus (?) was recognized after the last AVG update.
Maybe it is an accidentally match, because the contents or structure of a binary file has not to follow any common rules.
But if it is copied to an .exe, we should be bothered. :shock:

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this is probably a false positiv.
check out: <!-- m -->http://www.autohotke...topic17163.html<!-- m -->

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Try updating AutoHotkey and recompiling your scripts.

A scan with a compiled script on the Online Malware Scan site, does not generate positives.