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Should the downloaded installer omit the version number?

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Poll: What should be the installer's filename? (83 member(s) have cast votes)

What should be the installer's filename?

  1. Keep it as it is now, e.g. AutoHotkey102506.exe (41 votes [48.81%])

    Percentage of vote: 48.81%

  2. Omit the version number, e.g. AutoHotkeyInstall.exe (43 votes [51.19%])

    Percentage of vote: 51.19%

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Unless storage space is a consideration, I'd support both... It just means keeping a couple duplicates on the server but allows people to always link to the latest version or to a specific version...

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Version numbered software downloads sucks, if they are updated recently.

Justin D'nikotime
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... it makes the filename a little longer, which hurts its score a little.

May I suggest "AHKInstall_1.0.42.03.exe" and "AHKInstall_1.0.42.03.Zip"
Both are small, clearly state the version#, anyone who is on www.autohotkey.com had better know what the AHK in the filename means.

I believe external sites shouldn't provide a link directly to the exe.
Two reasons:
1) I am always reluctant to use such link, even more in days of phising and similar trojan tricks...
2) It is similar to bandwidth stealing, althought this term applies more to displaying an image hosted by an external site without consent of the targetted server.
If even Chris wants to display ads on his site (why not?), such links means he would miss ad impressions.
And in all cases, I prefer to get informations from the source.

Similarly, I am even more reluctant to get a file stored on an external site, since it is likely to be outdated. Exception: when the original site disapeared...

I agree, if an external site wants to point to AHK, the link should be to chris's download page, not the exe.

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I think you may provide both by using symbolic links or http redirections?


AutoHotkey_latest.zip -> AutoHotkey_1.0.48.00.zip

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I think your post is a little (or a lot) late. For instance,
...currently appears to link to "AutoHotkey104803.zip".