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Get Info from Context Menu

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incredibly useful!!!!!!!!!


is there call to also get MFS_HILITE info and such ?)
Joyce Jamce

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GetMenuState & MF_HILITE (which has the same value as MFS_HILITE.)

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is there call to also get MFS_HILITE info and such ?

I saw Micha's script use the API GetMenuItemInfo, so I suppose the infos about the item state are already there. Otherwise, and if you need only the state infos, GetMenuState can be handy as lexicos said.

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Hi, it's a great script. I am trying to find a way to reach context menu of an icon in systray and check or uncheck one of its menu items. I want to do it without opening context menu of the program icon in systray. I searched for the whole forum and it seems that there is no an effective solution to my need.
I need help of AHK Gurus.
I checked out these topics
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<!-- m -->http://www.autohotke...pic.php?t=78261<!-- m -->
Thanks to all those who read and post messages

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This is a little bit advanced and depends on the software, but after selecting/deselecting an item most applications are receiving a message about the event. You can try i.e. winspector to "trace" what messages are sent after manually selecting a context menu entry.
If you know the message and parameters you could use sendmessage.