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Invoking directly ContextMenu of Files and Folders

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I've been trying to apply a filter for multiple files without success.

What you meant by without success? Without success is a vague statement. At least you have to describe why you think the code was a failure: you expected this, but, the result was that.

Anyway, the red part in your code should have been simply:
objFolderItems.Filter(0x00040, "*.txt")

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objFolderItems.Filter(0x00040, "*.txt")

Nice, Worked. Thanks. Sorry for the vague statement. :) But, I wonder why the copied items get lost if the script exits before the Paste verb is invoked. :?

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I can't access the code in the initial post, but I used HotKeyIt's code.  And I can't figure out how to get this to do anything. 


When I run it, I get the script icon in the Tray, but nothing else happens.



What am I missing?