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Unexpected Result (left to right paramater passing)

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Is this just an intellectual exercise, a challenge?

I did it mainly for fun. I like figuring out things, especially doing it in ad hoc way as it usually amplifies the fun to the extreme. So, I avoided reading the source etc as it would greatly reduce the fun, which will become the next step to take if I'm really serious about it.

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This was an interesting discussion. Since I don't think it would be easy to change this behavior (especially not without giving up performance), I've added the following to the functions page:

If a parameter in a function-call resolves to a variable (e.g. Var or ++Var or Var*=2), other parameters to its left or right can alter that variable before it is passed to the function. For example, func(Var, Var++) would unexpectedly pass 1, 0 when Var is initially 0, even when the function's first parameter is not ByRef. Since this behavior is counterintuitive, it might change in a future release.

Sorry for the confusion.