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Zip Thumbnails (Updated:version 4.6.2, 18.4.2011)

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I am running windows 7 64bit, i have cdisplayex 1.8 installed and cbxshell 4.6
Most of my thumbnails are showing up wonderfully, but i have several that flat out refuse. I've tried reinstalling and refreshing. It only seems to be happening with cbr files, but i can't make sense of why one cbr file will work and one won't. Any ideas?

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All suggestions are welcome, but I am limited by my free time (and stuck at the moment because my laptop motherboard died on me :( , waiting for repair or other non-expensive solution and using other people's machines for now).
If cbr files don't show thumbnails it could be because the rar archive is either password-protected, uses "solid" compression or has split volumes (see FAQ).
No thumbs for Compressed Folders can also be sign there's something wrong with those zips.
Didn't Adobe (or others) fixed pdf thumbnails issues on x64?

Unrelated, from previous posts:
I got bored so I did some exercise in minimalistic C.
A COM wrapper dll to get thumbnail as HBITMAP:
(x86 & x64 dll+source)
When I get to it, I'll make next CBXShell version that will export function to get thumbnail directly (maybe; so many plans, so little time).

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Oh! Thanks for the update on CBXstub! ^_^

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Apply cbx shell to other software...
Hi! Firest of all congratulations for the CBX utility, I have a question.. how could I make that software like ACDSEE or XnView would use the cbx estension? I mean, I'd like topreview cbr ancbz files in this software as shown on windows explorer itself but XnView and Acdsee must use other dlls because I canĀ“t do it.
Could cbx shell be used as an addon or plugin?
It would be very usefull for cataloge and manage large amount of comics.
Thank you!