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Vista Audio Control Functions

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Set default sound device has the following problems: Some applications don't respect the change while running (mainly games), so you have to restart them. A better solution is to deactivate all sound devices you don't want, this is always respected. I have written a script for this:

Run, RunDll32.exe shell32.dll`,Control_RunDLL mmsys.cpl`,`,0
WinActivate, Sound
WinWaitActive, Sound, , 2
Sleep, 100
ControlClick, x50 y120, Sound,,RIGHT
Sleep, 100
Send {DOWN 3}{ENTER}
Sleep, 100
WinClose, Sound

The problem is, that a have to go to Desktop with Alt+Tab to work (could be integrated) but not all games accept Alt+Tab. So I am looking for a way to deactivate a sound device with a command. devcon doesn't work, it needs a reboot. The API you have discovered looks promising, but I have no clue about it. Especially http://msdn.microsof...9(v=vs.85).aspx

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Its my first script I wrote and Im not familiar with coding.
I just want to change m default microphone

#include K:\Programme\SSD(setsounddevice)\VA Audiocommands\VA.ahk
VA_SetDefaultEndpoint(Logitech Mic (QuickCam E3500)
Could you say my why it´s not working :)?

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Dear Lexikos,


My soundcard has also other controls. For example a checkmark named "AGC". Could I also use VA, to set or unset these checkmarks?


Kind regards,