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per-pixel alpha blended GUI demo

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thank you very much ahklerner. that worked. I would alos like to construct pngs from hex, as the limitation for icons is 256*256, but would like more freedom of size. I have read a fair portion of the png stuff on msdn and wiki etc but would like to know exactly how to construct the hex and compress it if anyone can help.

again, thank you


For example this png, at 16*16 and black and white stripes (1st bar, ie bottom is black) and 4 pixels from the left on all rows are at transparency 128.

Posted Image

The hex for it is:



obviosuly without the sapces or new lines. I know the top part is the standard header, but am trying to figure out all the other stuff. As first it will need to be constructed and then compressed I imagine.

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But I see there is compression with png, so what are the steps to first make the png format and then compress it if I wish to construct it from hex?

Layered windows use 32-bit bitmaps (usually device-independent, meaning the device doesn't need to be in 32-bit mode.) Actually, bitmaps may have PNG compression (except on Windows 95) but that is not a road worth going down.

"Constructing the hex" is also not worth doing. Learn the relevant GDI functions; they are faster and easier. My first post already demonstrates this - it uses CreateDIBSection to create a bitmap and DrawIconEx to draw an icon onto it.

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with your method could only small parts of the image be manipulated? And if so please could you explain how it is done, as i am really not grasping this. Say I already have a png and I want to edit a part of it to be "brighter" as in when you hover over a button, so essentially all the controls will actually be just part of the png, but it will glow and act accordingly depending on where the mouse is in relation to the window and where you click. so exactly the same concept as my icon bars example, but with pngs

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its very cool.

But when I add ActiveX to gui, it doesn't show on window.

How can I add control to this scripted gui?