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Thumbs.db Killer

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Hir is my Thumbs.db Killer, the prog delet all thumbs.db for more space at your hdd xD

FileSelectFolder, folder, , 3, Pick a drive to analyze:
Gui, Add, Text, x6 y5 w220 h30 vText, Pleas Wait...
Gui, Show, x131 y91 h44 w240, Thumbs.db Killer
Gui  +ToolWindow +AlwaysOnTop
Loop, %folder%\Thumbs.db, 1, 1
  GuiControl,, Text,Deleted Thumbs---> %var%/%var2%
   var += 1
      FileRecycle, %A_LoopFileFullPath%
      If ErrorLevel <> 0
         FileRecycle, %A_LoopFileFullPath%, 1
         var2 += 1
        GuiControl,, Text,Deleted Thumbs---> %var%/%var2%
MsgBox,All Thumbs.db deleted(%var%/%var2%)!!!


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windows will just rebuild them later (slowing you down). If you need to delete small things such as this for space, maybe you should upgrade?

Otherwise, a very good demonstration script for the concept.

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Isnt there a setting to disable thumb.db in windows :roll:

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In Windows Vista, Microsoft replaced thumbs.db files with a centralized thumbnail database thumbcache_xxxx.db located in \Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer.


windows will just rebuild them later (slowing you down).

Actually, "regenerating" the thumbs.db might actually make it more efficient:

An interesting aspect of thumbs.db files is that when a graphic is viewed and an entry made for it in the database, it is maintained indefinitely by the operating system. If the file is deleted, the image will remain unless the thumbs.db file or the entire folder are deleted.

(Thumbs DB Files Forensic Issues, interesting read. Thank wikipedia for the link.)

Isnt there a setting to disable thumb.db in windows :roll:

It's called "Do not cache thumbnails", and it can be found by going to Tools -> Folder Options -> View -> Advanced Settings from any Explorer window (in XP.)