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Strange interactions of ClipBoardAll and Send ^c

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I just have overflown this topic. I had problems with the clipboard and Adobe-applications. I have to activate the desktop and reactivate the adobe-application to let them refresh what they see in the clipboard. So pasting in adobe-apps works only if it was de- and reactivated first.

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That behavior probably means that Adobe applications maintain their own private clipboard that they update only when they think you might have changed the clipboard outside of Adobe (i.e. by switching to some other window).

Other than your current workaround, there might be some message you can Post/Send to an Adobe window to get it to update, but I don't know offhand what it might be. Perhaps their site or their support staff would know the answer.

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The issue ClipboardAll causing unwanted bookmarks to appear in MS Word has hopefully been fixed in v1.0.42.04 (please let me know if you have any problems with it). However, the issue of ClipboardAll pasting empty pictures in MS Word (as Laszlo described above) is not yet solved. I'm not sure if there will ever be a complete solution for that, but I'm planning to look into further.


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The cause of the picture placeholder problem seems to be in MS Word. When pasting a picture, it selects HTML format. If you don't send Ctrl-V, but Edit / Paste Special: Microsoft Office Word Document Object (Send !es{Home}{Enter}), there is no problem with the picture. Maybe an appropriate SendMessage could do this paste-special nicer. (Anyone knows, how to do it?)

I enjoy the lack of bookmarks with the new AHK version. I stopped using my deluxe clipboard because of that. Now I can put it back to my main script. Thanks!

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I have a lot of issues using ClipStep with similar effects like what you describe above and even causes Excel to crash and recover, what a pain.  I'd like to try Deluxe ClipBoard, do you have the latest version?  Thanks for all of your hard work, you guys are great!

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Anybody figure out why the strange interaction with ^C happens?


I don't even use any clipboard tools or clipboard modifications in my AHK and I experience the same thing: copying any text instantly bookmarks it (and copies it).


By the way, here is a VBA script that will delete all bookmarks:

Sub removebookmarks()
Dim bkm As Bookmark
For Each bkm In ActiveDocument.Bookmarks
Next bkm
End Sub