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Untype: A converter for .ahk to Mac Typeit4me

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Hey All,

Announcing Untype: Windows and Mac abbreviations finally converge....


I've been yearning for cross-platform hotstrings (snippets, clippings) so I created a series of files to automate conversion of a simple .ahk file with abbreviations into TypeIt4Me on Macs. Currently it is mac-based with program called TextWrangler for the conversion but I hope it'll raise AHK's awareness with Mac users. It's primarily two simple filters that convert from one format to the other.

AHK has a few features that don't port to current Mac software so my list of abbreviations was shortened from the Autocorrect on the website. That said, the file includes other abbreviations from the Mac side so there are more than 6400 in total.

I'd really appreciate feedback. Otherwise, I dream of a hotstring-only version of AHK that creates much smaller standalone files.

Jonathan Ploudre (jploudre at gmail dot com)