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globalsFromIni() - creates globals from an Ini file

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globalsFromIni() Version 1.0

By reading an Ini file with the standard commands of AutoHotkey, the file would be reopened and closed after process on every single key. This could impact the performance of the script, if a large number of keys are to read, like in a loop command.

So its better to read the Ini file one time into an AutoHotkey variable and parse it with some string commands. This is super fast, in comparison to reading the contents of all keys with standard IniRead command.

In the forum, there are some solutions already. They may better, I don´t know. Here is my solution. It creates from an Ini file automatically global variables.


Usage is very easy:
would create from an INI file with this content:

1=All Documents
2=All Inbound
3=All Meters


these global variables:
[*:339ieghk]Search_In_Items_1 = All Documents
[*:339ieghk]Search_In_Items_2 = All Inbound
[*:339ieghk]Search_In_Items_3 = All Meters

[*:339ieghk]Search_In_Restrictions_1 = Library\
[*:339ieghk]Search_In_Restrictions_2 = Library\Inbound\
[*:339ieghk]Search_In_Restrictions_3 = Library\Meters\

The function´s first parameter is the file path to the ini file to read. The second parameter is optional and should be better leaved by default "_"-character. This specifies the separator between section name and key name. All section names and key names are merged into single name.

; Creates global variables from an Ini file.
globalsFromIni(_SourcePath, _VarPrefixDelim = "_")
    ; Public Domain 2008 Tuncay
    Local FileContent, CurrentPrefix, CurrentVarName, CurrentVarContent, DelimPos
    FileRead, FileContent, %_SourcePath%
    If ErrorLevel = 0
        Loop, Parse, FileContent, `n, `r%A_Tab%%A_Space%
            If A_LoopField Is Not Space
                If (SubStr(A_LoopField, 1, 1) = "[")
                    StringTrimLeft, CurrentPrefix, A_LoopField, 1
                    StringTrimRight, CurrentPrefix, CurrentPrefix, 1
                    DelimPos := InStr(A_LoopField, "=")
                    StringLeft, CurrentVarName, A_LoopField, % DelimPos - 1
                    StringTrimLeft, CurrentVarContent, A_LoopField, %DelimPos%
                    CurrentVarName = %CurrentVarName%
                    %CurrentPrefix%%_VarPrefixDelim%%CurrentVarName% = %CurrentVarContent%

Like I said already, there are some already existing functions which does the same. But I could not find them again. Its public domain, do whatever you want with it.

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It is about one year ago, I posted this little function. 2648 views and no reply?

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It is about one year ago, I posted this little function. 2648 views and no reply?

Calm down ;)

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Everybody was so amazed that they went speechless

I think this would be very useful in some situations

But still amazing thing that there´s only 2 comments including mine on this script :O

Good job and keep going!

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It is about one year ago, I posted this little function. 2648 views and no reply?

You must learn the art of the "BUMP" young padawan.

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Thanks for this function.  I found a very good use for it today.

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Hey, Tuncay, if you are still around.


Hey, Tuncay, if you are still around.
Maybe because, others, newbies, with no structured programming training, like myself, intuitively use FileRead over Ini.  Its just more common sense to someone who does not know any better. AHK caters to non-programmers. I abandoned Ini read almost from the beginning and assume so has everyone else. Your news may not be as earthshattering as you may have thought, Others may be already using their own (and simpler version). Just guessing.
Absolute credit must be given to Chris Mallot and his super extraordinary examples he supplies with every "FileEncoding, FileOpen/File Object, file-reading loop, FileReadLine, FileGetSize, FileAppend, IniRead, Sort, UrlDownloadToFile" command. That makes everything easier for non-trained programmers. May be the reason for yr statement "and no reply? "