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Search tool-easily search your harddrive!

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here is my 1st script with AHK:
.ahk: <!-- m -->http://upl.vs-hs.com/d/85c<!-- m -->
.exe: <!-- m -->http://upl.vs-hs.com/d/979<!-- m -->

screenshot: <!-- m -->http://i202.photobuc...1/t1kk1/ste.jpg<!-- m -->
Posted Image

searches your desired directory (start menu if left blank) for a file and or filetype. Double-click on the file to open it.

heres some examples:

example1-find sonic.exe:
name: sonic
type: exe

example2-search for <word(s)>gun<word(s)>:
name: *gun*
type: jpg

example3-every file name/type in the directory (CAREFUL!!):
name: *
type: *

you get the point right? oh and theres no stop button, so..yeah, if anyone could help me replace the "Clear" button with a "Stop" button, I would be greatful! or any "good" modifications would be awesome.

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...if anyone could help me replace the "Clear" button with a "Stop" button

idea to stop the loop
LV_Delete() ;clear old dir.
    if A1=1
    LV_Add("",A_LoopFileName,A_LoopFileSizeKB,A_LoopFileExt,A_LoopFileFullPath) ;add the info to the listview

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ive tried something like that. but there is one issue:
the search is a button, so i would have to press the search button to stop. and if i do that, it exacutes LV_Delete. of course i could put that in the if statement to, and switch the "search" button text to "stop"

imma play around a bit more