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AVG Free Edition v8.01 -- NOT!

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AVG 8 may not be bloated but I am very disappointed with the slow down on my P3, 1GHz PC which so far I have managed to keep acceptably fast. Frankly I am having difficulty getting things done & the messages here confirm my fears. I have to say that I have used AVG with confidence & good results until now. Desertion will seem like I am ungrateful but I see no option.
Like others I was concurrently using Spybot S & D. Also Sunbelt's Counterspy & Personal Firewall, Winpatrol & Spywareblaster.
I experienced almost no conflicts & generally speed was OK when viewed against risk. Spybot S & D has also recently updated & now operates in coninuously active mode so I guess conflicts are now almost inevitable which is what I think I see when I look at the processes running in Task Manager, something I am now doing every 10 minutes .
Avira when recently tried was better but for me now it looks like I will need to be very selective abouty what runs in tghe background & what I choose to run "on demand".