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What's in your pocket?

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Post libraries & functions in your standard library folder (AutoHotkey\Lib)

For your convenience, here's snippet to collect them all
SplitPath, A_AhkPath,,Path
Loop, %Path%\Lib\*.ahk, 1
    ClipBoard.=A_LoopFileName "`n"

here's mine

Easy WinAPI - Dive into Windows API World
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I use %A_MyDocuments%\AutoHotkey\Lib.
SplitPath, A_AhkPath,,Path
Loop, %Path%\Lib\*.ahk
    ClipBoard.=A_LoopFileName "`n"
Loop, %A_MyDocuments%\AutoHotkey\Lib\*.ahk
    ClipBoard.=A_LoopFileName "`n"

ACC.ahk - Accessibility Standard Library by Sean
Anchor.ahk - Control Anchoring v4 for resizing windows by Titan
CLR.ahk - .NET Framework Interop by Lexikos
CmnDlg.ahk - CmnDlg 4.03 - Common Dialogs by majkinetor
code.ahk - Dynamic Code Generator by Lexikos
COM.ahk - COM Standard Library by Sean
COM_InvokeDeep.ahk - climb a COM tree more easily by wOxxOm, daonlyfreez, Lexikos and paulwarr
Console.ahk - unfinished lib for console apps
ConsoleSend.ahk - different method of sending to a console window by Lexikos
ControlClassActive.ahk - is this ClassNN or Class the active control?
CreateNamedPipe.ahk - simple wrapper for the win32 function
DDE.ahk - DDE Server (for single-instance file association) by Lexikos
dict.ahk - unreleased dictionary/associative array lib
DispatchObj.ahk - invoke AutoHotkey from JavaScript, etc. by Lexikos
DisplayPosition.ahk - functions for repositioning a display (for use with multiple monitors)
Edit.ahk - Edit Control Fuctions by Lexikos
EnableDisplayDevice.ahk - enables, disables or toggles a display device (near the bottom)
EnumDisplayDevices.ahk - enumerate display devices
EnumResources.ahk - enumerate resources in an executable
ExecScript.ahk - execute script without temporary files by using pipes
FileExtract.ahk - counterpart of FileInstall by Lexikos
FileToClipboard.ahk - see copy file (path) to clipboard by Lexikos
GetKeyHistory.ahk - old function to get text of KeyHistory
GetModuleList.ahk - get list of modules loaded in the current process
Glob.ahk - see Wildcard Folders
grep.ahk - global regular expression match by Titan
GuiAddHtml.ahk - adds HTML to a GUI
Hotkey_Params.ahk - associates a hotkey with a parameter string
Hotstrings.ahk - RegEx Powered Dynamic Hotstrings by Titan
IE.ahk - IE control by Sean
IE_InjectJS.ahk - execute javascript in IE by ahklerner
IL_AddIconFromResource.ahk - load icon resource into image list
ImageToClipboard.ahk - copy image to clipboard (posted here)
IndexOfIconResource.ahk - (posted here)
IPC.ahk - inter-process communication by majkinetor
js.ahk - execute javascript using the MS Script Control
ListGlobalVars.ahk - (posted here)
ListIncludes.ahk - list all #includes/auto-includes of a given script (used in AHKControl)
Max.ahk - (b>a) ? b : a
MI.ahk - Menu Icons by Lexikos
Min.ahk - (b<a) ? b : a
RawInput.ahk - unfinished Raw Input/HID lib
RegisterIndirectedCallback.ahk - register a callback that exposes its parameters via a single pointer
RemoteBuf.ahk - remote buffer by majkinetor
SafeArray.ahk - wrapper for COM SafeArray
ShellFileOperation.ahk - by Skan
ShellNavigate.ahk - explorer window manipulations by Sean
ShowHTMLDialog.ahk - create a modal dialog box that displays HTML by Lexikos
SSW.ahk - shortcut to show a given script's main window (I used it with ACConsole)
StdIn.ahk - read from std in stream
StdOut.ahk - write to std out stream
Struct.ahk - DllCall-style function for creating a struct
Subclass.ahk - helper function to subclass control by majkinetor
T.ahk - use QueryPerformanceCounter to measure the time since the last call
Test.ahk - a bunch of testing functions
VA.ahk - Vista Audio Control Functions 2.0 by Lexikos
VkToChar.ahk - convert vk code to character
WinDesc.ahk - get title/class of window, given hwnd (I use it whlie debugging)
xpath.ahk - read and write XML documents with XPath syntax by Titan
__listFuncs.ahk - lists all functions in the current script
__listLabels.ahk - lists all labels in the current script
__str.ahk - get string at given address

(edit: added descriptions and links)

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XPath.ahk       ; by Titan, v1.03; https://ahknet.autohotkey.com/~Titan/dl/xpath.html

Anchor.ahk        ;Version 4.1 by Titan <https://ahknet.autohotkey.com/~Titan/#anchor>   I think I modified it to be a StdLib function.


LV.ahk            ;Listview color change function and "Get Parameter" function.

CmnDlg.ahk          ;majkinetor's useful Common Dialog script

WINDERS.ahk       ;just a pile of constants

GL.ahk            ;my unfinished attempt to wrap OpenGL based on the code others posted.

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In my pocket (irl) I have this:
Posted Image

It's kind of a coincidence that it was in my pocket when I saw this post (it typically lives in the card slot in my laptop) but I used it to carry progs and drivers over to a comp with a fresh XP install.

I also keep all my laptop's frequently-used scripts on it, though I don't actually use AHK's library option.

(aside: I keep a firefox install on my flash drives because I feel that using IE to download firefox violates some zen code of astral alignment or something :p)

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[Moderator's note: Removed pageful of irrelevant quote.]

could you please share stdin.ahk ?

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