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How to launch program by clicking?

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Colin Reid
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Hi people!

I need a help. Does anyone know how I can make it so when I click the auto-hotkey script a program is launched?

For example I make the script called "Internet.ahk"

I then put in it the script like I duno somthing like:

~ When double clicked:: Run www.google.com ~

and save.

So when I double click on the "internet.ahk" script google launches.

I don't want it so I have to double click to run the script AND have to press a hotkey.

Thanks In advance =]

Colin Ried
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please somebody?

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Run, <!-- w -->www.google.com<!-- w -->

...and that's it. If that's the entirety of your script, it will run google as soon as it is run.

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heres what you do...

if you want to run a program you right click th program and go to properties. There will be a bar with somethign like

C:someonescomputer/suchandsuchafolder/programname.ahk or exe or phk or what ever.

Run, C:someonescomputer/suchandsuchafolder/programname.ahk 
adn when the code is ran that program will open.

some times the "C:" is broken up into parts.

The location, (C:someonescomputer/suchandsuchafolder)
The Name, (programname)
The . something, (exe, ahk or phk)

if you want a web page...

Run, http://www.google.ca

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