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Want to argue that Kenner is an idiot? That's easy, since the glovepie website has a $¢ientology link on every page (that's gold-medal idiot qualification right there).

Hm, seems like he's linking to xenu.net, which is a site made by people who hate scientology...

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You left an extra “[quote name="Laszlo"]” in your post. It is a quote from [VxE].

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Fixed quote tag. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Hm, seems like he's linking to xenu.net

I didn't get that far... I just saw

Learn about Scìentologÿ

and assumed the exact opposite of Mr. Kenner's actual intent. I hereby retract my previous inference to Mr. Kenner's intellectual acuity. :D

(btw: I was trying to avoid keyword-search hits for the 'S' word... I don't think we need that kind of bait laying around this forum :? )