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My Custom "Splash"

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I made a function for a small program I'm working on which basically acts like a splash message but it's nicely customizable.

To Start:
myVari = your  ; <-- For Example
QLSplash("This would be " myVari " message!)

The Function:
  Global myICL
  splTxtLen := StrLen(splText) * 8
  picSplW := splTxtLen + 30

  If splText <> Off
      Gui, -SysMenu +0x400000 +owner -Caption +AlwaysOnTop
      Gui, Margin, 0, 0
      Gui, Font, s10 Bold, Verdana
      Gui, Add, Picture, x0 y0 AltSubmit Icon1, %myICL%
      Gui, Add, Picture, x+0 yp+0 w%picSplW% AltSubmit Icon2, %myICL%
      Gui, Add, Picture, x+0 yp+0 AltSubmit Icon3, %myICL%
      Gui, Add, Text, x47 y8 h15, %splText%
      Gui, Show, h32
    Gui, Destroy

To End:

"myICL" would be your icon library, which you could make with IconCraft {www.iconempire.com} or any similar program. Here, Icon1 is the begining {duh}, Icon 2 can just be a thin slice of the middle and stretched to fit your text length {which is added on top of Icon2 and directly after Icon1}, then Icon3 is the end cap.
Icon1=Posted Image
Icon2=Posted Image
Icon3=Posted Image

You could make the images {and the font} any way you want and have a transparent background so it follows the color of whatever theme is used on the computer.

There are a couple ways I use this in my script. One way is just a one-shot where it informs that it's Alphabetizing a particular list. And the other is in a loop where each iteration of the loop brings up my splash then ends to show me what is coming up {with a Sleep, 1000}:
QLSplash("Starting " tmpApp "!")

        Sleep, 1000

Anyway, I thought this would be handy for someone {maybe}.

Posted Image
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