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Command Prompt in Explorer Address Bar

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Awesome tool thanks

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You can send the output to a file pretty simply.

With the script running type
/dir >filelist.txt
in the address bar to create a text file called filelist.txt in the active folder containing the directory listing of that folder.

Of course you could send the output somewhere specific as well by entering the full path for filelist.txt

I believe the > can be used in this way with with any DOS command that provides a text output

Hope this is useful to someone

Great script by the way.

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I have my Address bar as a standalone item (added it to the task bar then undocked it)

To get your script to work with that Address bar I added
IfWinActive, ahk_class BaseBar,, IfEqual, ctl, Edit1, setenv, do, y
in above your 2 instances of CabinetWClass and ExploreWClass

It works a little oddly because the window title is "Address" so it's not so good with directory specific commands, but it works with commands like ipconfig, tracrt, ping etc

Any thoughts / comments on this anyone?

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Hey Guys,

can you please help me? i get the followin error-window:

Error: Nonexistent Hotkey.
It refers to the bold line

I did activate the mentioned explorer action.

many thanks in advance!!!

Hotkey, Enter, Prompt
Hotkey, Enter, Off

do = n
ControlGetFocus, ctl, A
IfWinActive, ahk_class CabinetWClass,, IfEqual, ctl, Edit1, setenv, do, y
IfWinActive, ahk_class ExploreWClass,, IfEqual, ctl, Edit1, setenv, do, y
IfEqual, do, n, Return

WinGetActiveTitle, pth
Hotkey, Enter, On

EDIT: it does work with a compiled version of the script! but i dont want to use the compiled one...