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Using a portion of a touchscreen as a button

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Hi, I want to use a portion of a touchscreen (about 1 square inch at the bottom right) to trigger a command that says F7. Ideally the area would be shown as a transparent box, but it could be a large icon too. Where do I find the syntax to define the area?
Basically I want to use this to call up a routine (W-Wedge) that takes a weight from an electronic scale and inputs it to a POS application. I would also like to use it to set up keys across the bottom of the screen to call up various search fields, or use them to act like hot keys in a POS system.
I've looked through the help but can't quite find what I want.

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AFAIK, AHK doesn't have any built-in support for touch-screens specifically. That being said, If your touch screen defaults to clicking the mouse when you touch it, you can easily make a little square GUI window that is transparent white (or tie-dye) and make it stay on top of other applications and catch mouseclicks and do things.
Gui, Color, 0xFFFFFF
Gui, Font, w600 s40, Arial
Gui, Add, Text, w110 h110 x0 y0 gClickethMe, Msg`nBox
Gui, +AlwaysOnTop -Caption +LastFound
Gui, Show, % "X" A_ScreenWidth - 120 " Y" A_ScreenHeight - 150 , HotButtonWindow
WinSet, Transparent, 160

msgbox I dun been clicked`n`nclose this, then press [esc]`nto get rid of the box

I'm no gui expert, so if it's ugly, I take no responsibility.