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v1.0.33 released: Call DLL functions and the Window API

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Here are the changes for v1.0.33:

Fixed IfMsgBox to be able to detect a timeout for a MsgBox that contains only an OK button. [thanks Mats]

Added function VarSetCapacity(), which enlarges or shrinks a variable.

Added function DllCall(), which calls a function inside a DLL. [code by Marcus Sonntag (Ultra)]


Thanks to Ultra for designing, coding, and testing DllCall.

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Cool! Thanks Ultra and Chris!

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I see that the new features have started to come, reskinned in function form. Can we expect an overhaul someday, in which they are all converted? (Assuming there would be a benefit other than consistency, of course)

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DllCall seemed to fit more naturally into the function-style syntax because functions support an unlimited number of parameters (commands are more limited).

Even so, it's a fairly high priority to provide a function counterpart for every command that currently accepts an OutputVar (assuming it can be done in a way that doesn't bloat the code). For example, GetKeyState, IfExist, and the various Transform sub-commands such as Round and Asc are high priorities to convert.

And someday, there may be a v2.0 of the program if there is enough demand and perceived benefit. That would be an opportunity to start fresh using the syntax and conventions that have the broadest appeal to the user community, as determined by design discussions, polls, etc.

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Thanks :!: :!: :D :D

Now, if only I wasn't stuck on a Mandrake Linux machine while I try and recover an XP box due to a HD crash... :(

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just got to know! d/ling now....congratuations and thanx!


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Here are the changes for v1.0.33.01:

Fixed sporadic inability of GuiControl to change the default button or a button's style. Also fixed a possible crash when GuiControl established a default button when there's wasn't one previously. [thanks hanspeter]

Improved DllCall so that arg types that don't contain an asterisk/space don't need to be enclosed in quotes.

Added command Gui Margin to override a window's default margin.


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thanks for the Gui, Margin
And many thanks for AHK in general. This program really rocks.
I use the latest AHK version (1.1.15+)
Please ask questions in forum on ahkscript.org. Why?
For online reference please use these Docs.

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Here are the changes for v1.0.34 (although some new functions were added, this is a relatively minor release, which is why I didn't start a new topic for it):

Fixed the Suspend and Hotkey commands' inability to disable joystick hotkeys, as well as the inability to enable them in the auto-execute section. [thanks matt911]

Fixed "Transform Deref" to support a built-in or environment variable that isn't directly referenced elsewhere in the script. [thanks toralf]

Fixed inability to launch the program in Windows 95/NT systems that lack MSIE 3 or later.

Fixed ListLines, which sometimes terminated the listing prematurely.

Fixed multi-line Edit controls so that pressing Escape in them does not close a non-GuiEscape window. [thanks Rajat]

Fixed the hotkeys #LAlt and #RAlt to prevent appearance of the Start Menu. [thanks Dmitry Lyudmirsky]

Fixed GuiControl so that reloading a picture control inside a tab control redraws properly. [thanks hanspeter]

Fixed VarSetCapacity() when called inside an expression.

Improved DllCall so that the "A" suffix on something like MessageBoxA can be omitted even when the DLL name is explicitly specified. In addition, the letter P may be used in place of * so that the quotes can be omitted around all types. [thanks Jerry]

Added floor division operator "//" for high performance integer division.

Added built-in functions Abs, ACos, Asc, ASin, ATan, Ceil, Chr, Exp, FileExist, Floor, GetKeyState, InStr, Ln, Log, Mod, Round, Sin, Sqrt, and StrLen.

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YES.... YES.... YES!!!!!!!!!!!!



AutoHotkey for life!!!!!