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CMDret - return output from console progs [DLL version]

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There you have it. cmdret4d.zip




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There you have it. cmdret4d.zip




thanks a ton! :mrgreen:

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Is there any solution for capturing stdout with AHK while keeping the the CLI application open / command prompt as it is ?

Is there a way I could send "diskpart" in one DllCall and "help" in the next and see diskpart's help?

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Downloaded and using the cmdret4d.zip but all the examples are not working.


could somebody help me?

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Can anyone help?  I am wanting to stream STDOUT from Mplayer  to a variable line by line  and parse it for some other process, Using variations of the cmdret.dll\RunInControl example I can stream it to notepad or gui,edit  etc, but cant see a way of programmatically  getting the variable so I can then parse it.    I can do this using the old non dll CMDRET.  I am clearly missing something but I dont know what! 

Thanks in advance

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Is there any alternative for CMDret (dll version)?? Best with support for unicode.

I rebuild there samples from ANSI to UNICODE but it do not display properly some characters and from time to time is not so stable.

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I'm amazed that anyone still uses this (or tries to)...

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What other options do we have to do this?


I did see the following and found that it worked, but it chops the output of things like a directory listing or listing a 40k txt file.  Also, because the output is captured from the WSH Shell's Standard Output and Standard Error textstreams you must use the Exec method, so can't completely to hide the DOS window.  On the other hand, the output capture tends to take more than a few seconds, so what else are you going to watch while this happens? tongue.png None of this is critisms of your DLL.  I'm just sharing this incase another readers finds this later.


Thanks for your work!

I think using WshShell Object maybe a better way. For details, please see:
[AHK&AHK_l]Using COM to interact with command-line progs


However, I haven't been able to get your DLL to work yet for the examples I used on the other solution.  I'm using AutoHotKey L 64 bit on a Windows 7 Pro computer.  I either have my script wrong or the DLL isn't for the version of AutoHotKey that I'm running.


Anyway, thanks for putting this out here.

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Sorry to bump this old-ass thread, but all the links here are dead, including the dropbox link on top of the page

can somebody post a new link please

or is there any alternatives/new ways of using the output of command-line tools in your scripts?

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have no experience, just an example

;-- write to memory example exiftool.exe --------------

F1="%A_scriptdir%\xxb.jpg"                                    ;- check picture
objShell := ComObjCreate("WScript.Shell")
objExec := objShell.Exec(ComSpec " /c exiftool " F1 )         ;- exiftool.exe is in scriptdir
strStdOut := ""
while, !objExec.StdOut.AtEndOfStream
    strStdOut := objExec.StdOut.ReadAll()
MsgBox %strStdOut%                                            ;- show exifdata

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WOW Thanks!
I was looking for it for quite some time now...
how did I missed the whole StdOut stuff?

anyway, I managed to rewrite it to output line-by-line
here is a little script that pings to check connection, with live GUI output

Run,%ComSpec% /k,,Hide UseErrorLevel,pid
if not ErrorLevel
while !WinExist("ahk_pid" pid)
CMD=ping -n 10
Gui,Add,Text,W280 H300 vText gButtonCancel,Testing internet connection`r`nPinging Google DNS: 10 times
Gui,Show,w280 H300
GuiControl,,Text,%Text%`r`n`r`n%A_Tab%%A_Tab%%A_Space%%A_Space%Click me to Close..