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(HELP)Send mouse clicks to multiple windows with same xy pos

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Am duelboxing wow on one computer I've found some scripts that got the job done with some tweaking. But I think it could be cleaned up to be just a few lines of code and handle mouse clicks more efficiently. So far what it does is gets the position (coords xy) of left mouse click from wowid1 and sends a key to wowid2 (idClone). This works prety good as long as I have assist macros setup for wowid2 and have the same keybounds setup.

Heres what I have

SplashTextOn, 325, , Preparing to find your Main and Clone windows of WoW.
Sleep, 1500

;Grab unique window ID
WinGet, wowid, List, World of Warcraft

; Minimize All WOW windows
WinMinimize, ahk_id %wowid1%
WinMinimize, ahk_id %wowid2%

;Determine Main and Clone Windows
WinActivate, ahk_id %wowid1%

MsgBox, 4,, Is this your WOW Main window? (press Yes or No)
IfMsgBox Yes
   idMain = %wowid1%
   idMain = %wowid2%

If idMain = %wowid1%
   idClone = %wowid2%
} else {
   idClone = %wowid1%

;Activate All WOW windows
WinActivate, ahk_id %idMain%
WinActivate, ahk_id %idClone%

; Left Mouse Button
#IfWinActive, World of Warcraft
; Action bar 1
If MouseInRange(184,219,709,742)
	ControlSend,, 1 , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(226,261,709,742)
	ControlSend,, 2 , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(268,303,709,742)
   	ControlSend,, 3 , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(310,345,709,742)
   	ControlSend,, 4 , ahk_id %idClone%  

else if MouseInRange(352,387,709,742)
   	ControlSend,, 5 , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(394,429,709,742)
   	ControlSend,, 6 , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(436,471,709,742)
   	ControlSend,, 7 , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(478,513,709,742)
   	ControlSend,, 8 , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(520,555,709,742)
   	ControlSend,, 9 , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(562,597,709,742)
   	ControlSend,, 0 , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(604,639,709,742)
   	ControlSend,, - , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(646,681,709,742)
   	ControlSend,, = , ahk_id %idClone%

; Left action bar
else if MouseInRange(184,219,660,692)
	ControlSend,, {shiftdown}{1}{shiftup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(226,261,660,692)
	ControlSend,, {shiftdown}{2}{shiftup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(268,303,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {shiftdown}{3}{shiftup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(310,345,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {shiftdown}{4}{shiftup} , ahk_id %idClone%  

else if MouseInRange(352,387,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {shiftdown}{5}{shiftup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(394,429,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {shiftdown}{6}{shiftup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(436,471,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {shiftdown}{7}{shiftup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(478,513,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {shiftdown}{8}{shiftup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(520,555,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {shiftdown}{9}{shiftup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(562,597,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {shiftdown}{0}{shiftup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(604,639,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {shiftdown}{-}{shiftup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(646,681,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {shiftdown}{=}{shiftup} , ahk_id %idClone%

; Right action bar
else if MouseInRange(694,729,660,692)
	ControlSend,, {Ctrldown}{1}{Ctrlup}, ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(736,771,660,692)
	ControlSend,, {Ctrldown}{2}{Ctrlup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(778,813,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {Ctrldown}{3}{Ctrlup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(820,855,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {Ctrldown}{4}{Ctrlup} , ahk_id %idClone%  

else if MouseInRange(862,897,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {Ctrldown}{5}{Ctrlup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(904,939,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {Ctrldown}{6}{Ctrlup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(946,981,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {Ctrldown}{7}{Ctrlup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(988,1023,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {Ctrldown}{8}{Ctrlup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(1030,1065,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {Ctrldown}{9}{Ctrlup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(1072,1107,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {Ctrldown}{0}{Ctrlup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(1114,1149,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {Ctrldown}{-}{Ctrlup} , ahk_id %idClone%

else if MouseInRange(1156,1191,660,692)
   	ControlSend,, {Ctrldown}{=}{Ctrlup} , ahk_id %idClone%



MouseGetPos, x, y 
If (y >= miny) and (y <= maxy) and (x >= minx) and (x <= maxx) 
  Return 1 
Return 0 

Is there anyway to have it get the left mouseclick pos then have it send it to wowid2 something like (am no expert but here goes)

; Left Mouse Button
#IfWinActive, World of Warcraft
MouseGetPos, x, y

So it prety much just sends the left mouse click to wowid2 in the same spot that it was clicked on in wowid1 can it be done.

Any help would be much appreciated

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If what you are saying is you just want it to copy every left click at x/y location change the last line
; Left Mouse Button
#IfWinActive, World of Warcraft
MouseGetPos, x, y

ControlClick, x%x% y%y%, ahk_id %idClone%,,L

I have not tested this but according to the help file it should work.

Any one else with a better idea I would also be interested.