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WoW multiboxing script

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hi, i recently got the program and was wondering if there's a script that i can put in so literally everything is duplicated in the other window, if not is there one for left and right mouse buttons and numb lock

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Apperently i should not be posting in these forums. I will discontinue to provide any usefull information IF i have ever provided any. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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multiboxing means to have two windows of a massive multiplayer online game open at the same time and constantly switching back and forth playing two characters at the same time.... he didn’t really need to explain that and multiboxing is a sufficient term for people who play these games and have looked into it....second off. If u didn’t know what it meant, there is Google, it takes 5 seconds.

Now to answer the question: I do not have a world of Warcraft account; however i play a game similar to it called flyff (fly for fun). So i have tried to do this. There is a way, if u look in the help file to send key or mouse clicks to other windows. Search for control send, i believe.... however i will not double check because it is pointless. The game does not respond to virtual key strokes. The way these types of games have been made, they only accept the hard ware key press. I have tried everything i could to get it to just use a hotkey in the same window, let alone sending them to other windows, none of it worked. I have also tried, send play and setting the key delay to longer... but it won’t work. If you can find a way around this, then u can use the control send to send it to another window, witch i found that part to be pretty easy as long as you read the help file.

Summary: Again the sending of keystrokes to other windows is relatively easy however the game will not allow the hotkeys to work and therefore that is the problem you have to find away around.

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xD lol @ Numb lock

Why do you even post in this forum?

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Apperently i should not be posting in these forums. I will discontinue to provide any usefull information IF i have ever provided any. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Why did you say this?
Check out my scripts.  (MyIpChanger) (XPSnap) (SavePictureAs) All my scripts are tested on Windows 7, AutoHotkey 32 bit Ansi unless otherwise stated.

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here's a copy of my generic multiboxing script. It is not tested with ANY games and is intended as an example for the ControlSend command. Also, it does not replicate mouse events to multiple windows (which requires ControlClick and/or DllCall)
; Generic multiboxing script, by [VxE].
   ; To use:
   ; First, open all of the windows that you're going to be using.
   ; Then use the hotkey [Win]+[PgUp] to activate the script.
   ; You may deactivate the script at any time using the hotkey [win]+[PgDn].
   ; Make sure to double-check your window title! It is case sensitive.
WindowTitle = World of Warcraft
   ; Define hotkeys to use for multiboxing.
   ; Undefined keys will behave normally.
Hotkeys = ; a list of names of keyboard keys

SetKeyDelay, -1
SetBatchLines, -1
Hotkey, IfWinActive, %WindowTitle%
Hotkey, #PgUp, Toggle, on
Hotkey, #PgDn, Toggle, on
onoff := (A_ThisHotkey = "#PgUp") ? "on" : "off"
WinGet, id, List, %WindowTitle%
Hotkey, IfWinActive, %WindowTitle%
Loop, Parse, Hotkeys, `n, `r%A_Space%%A_Tab%
   IfInString, A_LoopField, Button, Continue
   IfInString, A_LoopField, Wheel, Continue
   Hotkey, %A_LoopField%, HandleKeys, %onoff%
   Hotkey, %A_LoopField% Up, HandleKeys, %onoff%

thk := StripModifiers(A_ThisHotkey)
updown := InStr(A_ThisHotkey, " Up") ? " up}" : " down}"
Loop, %id%
ControlSend,, {blind}{%thk%%updown%, % "ahk_id " id%A_Index%

StripModifiers(keyname) {
   Loop, Parse, keyname, %A_Space%, ~!#$^&*+<>
      return A_LoopField