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Basic Keystroke recorder and player

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What is very important here is that the user has no additionnal work to do than just using the two hotkeys ! No need to launch a tool, click on various buttons, no need to copy-paste/store/load/execute scripts. This the main requirement, necessary for productivity !

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I have been searching for something simple like this for a while too. After hours of looking I have finally found something that fits the bill, TinyTask 1.50


I tried to find or make a suitable one with AutoHotkey for much time with SetWindowsHookEx, but it had the problem of not correctly picking up and playing back Shift+arrow keys such as when selecting text in a text editor.


Hopefully this saves some time for anyone else who might look for something similar and finds this thread.


Also, checkout Skrommel DoOver: