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Modal InputBox?

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Donny Bahama
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Was doing a wife-beta and she accidentally clicked the GUI behind the InputBox. This caused the GUI to come to the top and the InputBox to disappear, which confused her greatly. Worse, this is a Windows Mobile script using AHKCE, so switching to the InputBox via the task bar button isn't an option.

In the docs, there's nothing about making an InputBox modal.
Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

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Create your own InputBox using ...
Gui, +AlwaysOnTop
Gui, Add, Edit, ...
Gui, Add, Button, ...
Gui, Show,, Test

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It may help to disable the gui while a dialogue is open.

If you want to get into some advanced stuff, you can use SetParent() via dllcall. Making the inputbox window a child of the main gui window should keep it on top.

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easy, just add "Gui, +OwnDialogs" before input box

Gui, Add, Button, , TryMe
Gui, Show, w800 h600

	Gui, +OwnDialogs ;Add This line just before input box
	InputBox, var, , This Input Box is in modal mode
	MsgBox, U'd Enter `"%var%`"