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TinyTask - Minimalistic Screen Recorder [GUI]

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TinyTask provides basic automation (recording and playback). It is a case study in minimalist programming: the entire program is only 24k -- and 12k of that are icons, which means the executable portion is just a few K in size. It was used as the test harness for the "Recording" feature of vTask Studio.

There's no installer, help file, or anything unnecessary; just a tiny EXE program, which doesn't touch your registry or change your system folders. If you like it, please support vTask Studio. Enjoy!

The [Screenshot] ! :wink: + [Download]

Kindly recommended by Thalon.
Thx 8)

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Very impressive, that size and that functional while being so easy to use.! :O

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wonderful program i am using this exe for my wilcom embroidery software.

Nice program....

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You should change the program so that the mouse cannot be moved until the playing has ended.

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So Tiny Task lets you press F12 or F8 to start your script.  I have tried creating an autohotkey script that will just press F12 for me every few minutes.  Well, Tiny Task does not recognize autohotkey's input.  I have tried send, sendinput, controlsend, sendevent, sendplay, etc.  


Any suggestions?

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Nice utility :)


i could use controlclick

controlclick ,x59 y33,ahk_class TinyTaskClass

winXP  and ahk unicode

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Tiny task is great, and their other app, Typer task, handles text replacement and macro function. Together these two apps could be considdered a partial stand in for AutoHotkey.

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nice tool :D


new download link the other one didn't work for me, http://www.vtaskstud...nk=tinytask.exe


made some changes small to your script noname

; TinyTask Recorder

Z::controlclick ,x59 y33,ahk_class TinyTaskClass ; Record/Stop
C::controlclick ,x78 y29,ahk_class TinyTaskClass ; Play

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