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Exchange Web Services - Operations/XML Elements

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I thought about to create a tool which would send a mail to its assigned inhouse-supporter (using SEANs 'CDO' script). To increase its quality of service it would make sense to identify if the receiver is available and not to send it into "I'm on vacation na-nana-na-nana"-communication nirvana.

Anyone here sees a chance to use what is descriped at MSDN (here) with Autohotkey?
Okay, its no Autoklicker-request but I'd be more than happy to get a working sample. Thx for your effort/time 8)

Availability Operations
The Availability operations improve the calendar and free/busy sharing experience by providing more secure, up-to-date, and rich free/busy information. Free/busy data is a critical component of meeting scheduling. The Availability operations provide a reliable foundation for effective scheduling.

Exchange Web Services includes the following Availability operations:

GetUserAvailability Operation

GetUserOofSettings Operation

SetUserOofSettings Operation

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No idea if this is C# ... :? [Getting calendar items using Exchange Web Services] ...

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try using this to execute the code?
<!-- m -->http://www.autohotke... ... hlight=clr<!-- m -->
Never lose.

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@ tank
there's a good chance that I'll need some further assistance. Anyway, I'll dig into it. Let's get fingers crossed that I'll survive. Thx 8)