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Independentsoft - Exchange Web Services [HowTo]

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The below mentioned options obviously needs to download Independentsoft.Exchange.dll beforehand.
Nevertheless it might give an idea how to trigger Outlook/Exchange accounts via VBScript (or C#, check out one of the samples) connected to AutoHotkey. But I might be wrong. Make your mind & good luck 8)

Exchange Web Services .NET > Tutorial
Appointments and Meetings
Create appointment
Create all day appointment
Find appointments from today
Find appointments including recurring appointments
Update appointment
Update meeting - Add attendee
Send meeting request
Send meeting update
Cancel meeting
Accept meeting
Create recurring appointment - daily recurrence
Create recurring appointment - weekly recurrence
Create recurring appointment - relative monthly recurrence
Create recurring appointment - absolute monthly recurrence
Create recurring appointment - relative yearly recurrence
Create recurring appointment - absolute yearly recurrenceMessages
Create message
Create message with custom property
Update message with custom property
Send message
Send draft message
Send message with file attachment
Send message with item attachment
Create inline attachment
Forward message
Reply to message
Reply to all
Find messages by receive time
Find messages by subject
Find unread messages
Find messages with attachments
Find messages by attachment name
Find messages by category
Find messages with flag
Find replied or forwarded messages
Download message as .eml file
Download message as .msg file
Upload messageContacts
Create contact
Find contacts by name
Find contacts by custom property
Find contacts with custom property
Update contact
Expand distribution list
Resolve names
Create task
Create recurring task
Find task
Find task requestPosts
Create post
Find post Notes
Create note
Find noteJournals
Create journal
Find journalItems
List items
Copy item
Move item
Delete itemFolders
Create folder
Create folder and set permission
Update folder
Update folder permission
Get folder
List folders
List public folders
Copy folder
Move folder
Delete folder
Find folders by creation time
Find contact foldersDelegation and Impersonation
Add delegate
Update delegate
Get delegate
Remove delegate
Access to another mailbox
Synchronize folders
Synchronize itemsNotification
New mail notification
Update notification
Out Of Office
Set out of office
Get out of officeAvailability
Get free/busy
Get availabilityAutodiscover
Autodiscover Outlook provider
Autodiscover MobileSync providerUnified Messaging
Get unified messaging properties
Play on phone[/list][Download Tutorial] | [More..]

Anyone who wanna share some insight view regarding AutoHotkey && Outlook|| Exchange ... please follow me ... :)
Keywords: Outlook | Scripting | Exchange | VBS | C# | mail | GetMail | BoBo