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command line tools

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I noticed Chris posted a little util for command line copying and it reminded me that I had gotten one a while back that was much better, and supported, among other things, paste using a pipe, ie, winclip -p | foobar.exe

I completely forgot where I got it, so I went looking, and in the process remembered all the other awesome command line stuff I've come across. So here I present to you a list of sites that have command line stuff. I imagine you already know some of these, but I doubt you know all of them.

Pstools and handle are the two I'm talking about. All the stuff here is great though, especially the process viewer and the autorun viewer.

Unix style tool programming for windows. The clipboard app that I referred to is here.

These aren't quite as useful as the sysinterals ones, but I think the enum tools are nice.

Win32 native ports of GNU utilites. The usual stuff.

An the big one, a big listing of all sorts of command line utilites, by a guy who really knows them.

Also, if you've never heard of it, powerpro
is a fantastic shell extension that does just about everything, notes, clipboard management, hotkeys (well, don't need THAT :roll: ), menus, toolbars, and on and on and on.

I hope you find these useful, maybe in your scripts or maybe alone, like I did.

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That's a great list, thanks. It's good that the source code for the clipboard utility and the ODBC access utility is included on http://www.dmst.aueb.gr/dds/sw/outwit/ ... I might be able to apply some of that for future improvements.

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One of the links above seems not correct (contains an unnecessary dot)


Savage + Google is your friend 8)

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Heh, oops. My dot finger got itchy. :p I find that handle especially useful, when I can't figure out why windows won't let me delete something.

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There's also perl or python from http://www.activestate.com/.