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How to add a dot to the numpad?

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Number- and date formats are language and country specific. A lot of European languages use decimal comma instead of decimal point for numbers (7 1/2 is 7.5 in the USA and Great Britain, but 7,5 in most European countrys). The preferred date and time format is different, too (a lot of European countrys use the point as for 24.12.2000 in dates and/ or the colon as in 12:05:00 for times).

If you have to punch a lot of numbers, dates and times in your country-specific setting, the numpad is short of some letters. So I tried to figure out ways to add extra letters by using Autohotkey's hotkeys and hotstrings. The letter I was missing most was the dot (.), so I used this as an example.

All the ways I came up with do have drawbacks. It would be nice to learn about other people's solutions.

How to get a dot "." as an extra letter on the Numpad
1.Numlock + *
~NumLock & NumpadMult:: send, .
Stable and the easiest was to add further letters, but not really intuitive.

2. Numpad0 + NumpadDot (Type "0 + ,")
~Numpad0 & NumpadDot:: send, .{left}{backspace}{right}
Don't linger too long with your thumb on "0", or you get "00000000000000." instead of "."

3. Type two commas (",,") to get a dot (".")

Amazingly cryptic for Autohotkey, but I like this best. But it must be inactivated when writing Autohotkey scripts :-(.