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how to retrieve data from web page

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I am trying to retrieve a value from a web page. We developed a web based application that works as follows. I can use some assistance on how to pull a value from the web page for processing by Autohotkey. I can work out the form portion, bu the retrieving of data from the web page I need some help with.

1) Customer scans barcode on web page using web form.

2) Customer decides whether order will be shipped or edited.

3) If order is edited then there is no interaction with Autohotkey
. If order is ready to ship then proceed to step 4.

4) User agrees to ship order. User clicks link or clicks button then order # is passed to Autohotkey
script to launch desktop based shipping application and pass order # for futher processsing.

Thank you in advance

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I use a 'hand and feet' method, partially based on a script in the AHK-help.

FTPCommandFile = %A_ScriptDir%\FTPCommands.txt
FTPLogFile = %A_ScriptDir%\FTPLog.txt
FileDelete %FTPCommandFile%  ; In case previous run was terminated prematurely.

domain = 
username = 
password = 
path_to_document = ; start path with /

open %domain%
get %path_to_document%
delete %path_to_document%
), %FTPCommandFile%

RunWait %comspec% /c ftp.exe -s:"%FTPCommandFile%" >"%FTPLogFile%"
; Run %FTPLogFile%  ; Display the log for review.

with this script get a file from the server by ftp. That file can on the pc be read with AHK file-commands. The delete-command deletes the file after the GET-command.

You could use a php- or Javascript in the website to make the document on the server.

You must off course make sure this script is an executable with a loooong encryptionkey so that your password cannot be read.

Off course I allso would like to hear e better method than this one...

gr VP
"Make it idiot-proof, and someone will make a better idiot."