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Run as Administrator (XP/Vista/7) A_IsAdmin Params [Lib]

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Thanks... that helps clear things up. :)

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I'm wanting to use this in an XP environment, where the user is a Power User. I use a compiled script, and my code is below:


Run, cscript.exe ToggleNIC.wsf, Hide
However, when I run it as a generic user, it still prompts me for a admin password. I want it to just work and elevate itself. How can I get around this?

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I assume you're running Vista/7.

The script has the same rights as the user who ran it.

If you run it as a "generic user" then it will have the same rights as that user, and cannot be elevated to administrator all by itself if you have UAC turned on. This is a security feature.

This script only asks for administrator rights. If the only way windows will give it admin rights is to ask for an admin password then that's what's going to happen.

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No, I want to run this on a Windows XP machine. It will be run by a generic user. It needs to run with administrator privileges as it will enable/disable the wifi adapter.

If this will not work, any ideas as to what might? Nothing in my research is finding something like this.

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You have to realize what you're asking. You want something tha bypasses security restrictions and spontaneously elevates itself. Do you understand that if that were possible, all kinds of malware would use it?

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Yes and no. I want it to do that but I have the credentials I can supply the script itself to have that admin access. My thought is to have it authenticate, elevate then run. Perhaps this isn't the right function to look at, but I'm open to suggestions.

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You have to use a different approach for something like that.

You can give the generic user the power to run an executable as administrator. Give a look at runasSpc <!-- m -->http://www.robotroni...runasspcEn.html<!-- m -->
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Superb, ABCza, it works perfectly and removes a bad thorn in my foot I had ever since I switched at work (where I am not admin by default) to a Windows 7 computer. I was so tired to switch to the admin account, on a different domain (lot to type), with this stupid Computer Misuse Act screen!
And it preserves confidentiality. Better than RunAs which apparently stopped to work in Windows 7.

Now, I can run my AHK script installing/starting/stopping/uninstalling a service without having to do all this finger work...
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I was looking for this script, but the link on the first page is broken.
Does anyone have the latest version of the script?

Alternatively, is the full code for the script just the following lines that I've copied from the first page? (I don't understand DllCall well enough to know)
Loop, %0%  ; For each parameter:
    param := %A_Index%  ; Fetch the contents of the variable whose name is contained in A_Index.
    params .= A_Space . param
ShellExecute := A_IsUnicode ? "shell32\ShellExecute":"shell32\ShellExecuteA"
if not A_IsAdmin
    If A_IsCompiled
       DllCall(ShellExecute, uint, 0, str, "RunAs", str, A_ScriptFullPath, str, params , str, A_WorkingDir, int, 1)
       DllCall(ShellExecute, uint, 0, str, "RunAs", str, A_AhkPath, str, """" . A_ScriptFullPath . """" . A_Space . params, str, A_WorkingDir, int, 1)
(btw, I hope these broken links get fixed soon... they could totally turn off a new user)

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Link fixed..
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RunAsAdmin() works great for me with one caveat: If I have #Warn enabled, I get a variety of warning popups related to global vs local variable and unassigned variables.


Here is diff for my fix


  RunAsAdmin() {
+   global 0   
+   param  :=
+   params :=
     Loop, %0%  ; For each parameter:
        param := %A_Index%  ; Fetch the contents of the variable whose name is contained in A_Index.
        params .= A_Space . param
with the above change I don't get any warnings.

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If RunAsAdmin()

MsgBox, % A_IsAdmin

RunAsAdmin() {
  IfNotEqual, A_IsAdmin, 1, Run, % "*RunAs " DllCall("GetCommandLine", "Str"),, % "UseErrorLevel"
  Return, ErrorLevel

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as Function, shorter code, work with both Basic AHK, Ansi and Unicode Autohotkey_L

RunAsAdmin() {
	Global 0
	IfEqual, A_IsAdmin, 1, Return 0
	Loop, %0%
		params .= A_Space . %A_Index%
	DllCall("shell32\ShellExecute" (A_IsUnicode ? "":"A"),uint,0,str,"RunAs",str,(A_IsCompiled ? A_ScriptFullPath
	: A_AhkPath),str,(A_IsCompiled ? "": """" . A_ScriptFullPath . """" . A_Space) params,str,A_WorkingDir,int,1)

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Hi All,


I'm having no luck with this and am hoping someone may be able to clarify how to use this.


From what I understand I need to add add the code runasadmin.ahk to a library script, and then add the function runasadmin() to the top of my script so when I 'run' a program in my script it will run it as an administrator.


When I try this I simply get the error 'Call to non-existent function'


I added  the code from runasadmin.ahk to a file called acc.ahk which I saved I have saved in the location c:\programs files\autohotkey\lib


I also tried putting runasadmin.ahk in the same folder that the script I'm working on is located in and I received the same message.


Any Idea what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks for your help

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You can just copy and paste the function inside your script. You don't need to use the library folder.


If you want to use the library folder, then you need to paste the function into a file and save it in your library folder using the function name as the file name eg ....\Lib\RunAsAdmin.AHK