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Deleting Topics

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I hold similar views to Lexikos.

If a url is formated wron, or there is an extra /code tag, it's a quick fix that I don't usually note.
If someone is using b tags in a code section, I will alter to red and make a note, since code sections can't do bold.
If a topic has had a reply like 'Wrong Section Alert', I will typically move it without making a note, and I consider the wrong section alert as the documentation.
If a post is missing code tags entirely, I add them and make a note.

Outside of that, I generally don't edit posts.

In general, I prefer the note to be left IN the edited post, and not as a reply for two reasons.
If the reply is more than a few posts after the edit, it only serves to interrupt the topic
I prefer my post count to reflect my actual posts. maybe some 5% of my posts are not useful griping, but in general, I like to think that my post count reflects my participation, and not my level of moderation.

I certainly have a few posts out there saying that I edited something, but usually that is because I want to further describe or explain the edit, or have some other reply or larger point to make anyway. The 'edited' note at the end of a post should be limited to one line, IMHO.

For better or worse, there is no Moderator Style Guide, and I don't think we need one. All-in-all, there aren't many moderation problems, and I think things are running pretty smoothly in general.