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RADIAL MENU scripts - migrated to new forum

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i've tried it without sleep and its ok. I would expect that all settings
in a script are in the front (maybe commented?). If i have to search
through the code, its not very comfortable.

One bug: if i "touch" an item and i go back then in the center, it is still activated.

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New topic for my version : LaunchIt!

@Guest(s): There is no bug for me.
Can you details please!

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@Learning one

Wow, when can i get a hold of RMmg...Looks beautiful. Keep up the nice work!

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Can you make v3 such that, like v2, the program is activated immediately once the right mouse touches it?

Instead of waiting for the mouse to go up.

Learning one
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Learning one proudly presetns you:

Radial menu v3.1

Turn you speakers ON and
download Radial menu v3.1

As I'm in a terrible hurry, code is not totally cleaned up, I have to write some functions, write a help file, etc...
Script works perfectly on my computer (just Intel Celeron 1.47 GHz and 896 MB RAM).
If this is not the case on your machine see "improving performance" in script.
I'll try not to develop RM for a while, until I finish some more serious jobs...
Please, respect licence and authorship!

Do you like it?
Post a comment.


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I like it.

Although its far too hard to customise.

I would make some GUIs to adjust the Settings.

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v3.1 is nice. I like the green orbs in the screenshot can you include them? Yeah a gui for setting up items would be nice, and even nicer would be if the icon could come from the program. It's getting there.

Learning one
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You can watch 1:1 RM mg v1.0 preview for now...


Can you make v3 such that, like v2, the program is activated immediately once the right mouse touches it?

Yes, but I'm not motivated to do this. RM v3.1 uses multiple rings so I had to abandon this concept... Maybe I will fulfill your wish once...

Regarding "settings GUI" - I totally agree.
I have Radial menu creator concept in my head --> it will allow you to quick&easy customize your Radial menu.

Quick Radial menu creator concept explanation:
It will be special (stand alone, not part of main) script that will vertically divide your screen in 2 areas.
In left one, RM will be shown, and in right one, you will see "settings GUI"
As you change values in Gui, RM in the left area will refresh itself automatically. When user finishes RM customization, and clicks Apply button, Radial menu creator writes new values in RM settings.ini
So there will be 2 steps:
1. run Radial menu creator (stand alone script) and customize your Radial menu. After that, just
2. run your customized Radial menu

Problem is: I'm low on free time...

If you want to make it in the meantime, I would be very happy. (And of course, you will be in all "Thank you" sections in next Radial menu package.) :wink:

Learning one
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Download latest Radial menu v3 script: Radial menu v3.11 (28.11.2009.)
- minor changes; improved performance (speed) and reliability.

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Great script!

I'm having trouble changing the hotkey to something like LButton & RButton, without the pop-up delay. The reason I want this as my hotkey is that my ordinary right click is delayed too much.

Any ideas?

Learning one
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Great script!

LButton & RButton and other hotkey combinations are not supported,
so, you can use only "single key" hotkey. You can change that by
editing code, but that is more complicated.

ShowDelay (in RM settings.ini) is 220 miliseconds by default.
If your ordinary right click is delayed too much, decrese this value.
This delay gives you opportunity to send normal mouse click without annoying menu showing. To show it instantly, set 0, but than you
will lose normal RButton click function.

Radial menu v3.12 improvements:
- increased performance (again) by preparing whole menu in auto-execute section.
Added new settings switches:
- TurnOffSounds - turns off all sounds (ignores SoundOnShow SoundOnHover SoundOnSelect SoundOnHide)
- MenuBackgroundTrans - changes RM background transparency
- SpecialButtonBack - now every button (item) can have it's own background. Useful to distinguish sections in your menu. If blank, ButtonBackground (general setting) applies.

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Is V1.0 released or not yet?
I like the preview

Learning one
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Download latest version: Radial menu v3.12 (1.12.2009.)
Changes: see 2 posts above + new Images folder tree

Not yet

I included wrong (old) item backgrounds in Radial menu v3.12 package.
Fixed now.

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I have started work on a settings mod for this script, and would like some input from the users on where to go from here.

This script is still in an early development stage, so you may want to back up your RM settings.ini file before running this script.

As is, it hasn't messed up my INI file, but I have not had much time to test it yet.

Currently you can view all items and add new items only.

The add items dialog retrieves any Images in their appropriate sub-folder for easy selection.

What I would like to know is which settings that are currently available should be seen as "General" or "Advanced", or if I should make separate tabs for other items.

Also, handling of setting the show hotkey is looking a bit tricky due to limitations on the Hotkey GUI control (does not allow mouse/joystick or win buttons). Any ideas on a workaround for that would be nice.

A third issue is the listing of items themselves, as they are just shown as Item1, Item2, Item3, etc. I would like to use the Name attribute of an item in the list, but if you set that, then you get text over your icons, so most people probably wouldn't like that.

I already have plans to allow editing, removing and sorting of items, and implementing all of the current options in their respective tabs once I have an idea of what should be considered general or advanced.

Please note that my version system is based off of the current version of RM to ease in compatibility tracking.
Posted Image

;	RMSettings Mod
;	By Elesar ([email protected])
;	Sections of this script are pulled from Radial Menu by Learning One ([email protected])
;	Version History:
;		3.12a:
;			Initial GUI complete
;			LV lists all items found in INI, selecting an item displays its attributes
;			Item additions and saving complete.
;	Version Goals:
;		3.12b:
;			Implement removal of items from listing
;			Implement editing of existing items
;			Implement re-ordering of items
;			Implement General options
;			Implement Advanced options
;		3.12:
;			Initial testing release to AHK forums
;		Future versions to follow official releases of Radial Menu
;=====  System Setup  =============================================================================
#SingleInstance Force
SetBatchLines -1

#Include %A_ScriptDir%\RMdata\Gdip.ahk

Version := "3.12a"		; Use RM version number to ease compatability, letters indicate testing or coding phases.

INIFile := "RM settings.ini"		; For testing only, normally would be the same file
INIFile1 := "RM settings.ini"
;=====  INI Read  =================================================================================
INIRead, HKey, %INIFile%, General, RMShowHotkey, RButton
INIRead, ShowDelay, %INIFile%, General, ShowDelay, 220
INIRead, MenuBG, %INIFile%, General, MenuBackground, RMbackground.png
INIRead, MenuTrans, %INIFile%, General, MenuBackgroundTrans, 255
INIRead, ButtonBG, %INIFile%, General, ButtonBackground, black.png
INIRead, UseSound, %INIFile%, General, Sounds, 1
INIRead, ShowSound, %INIFile%, General, SoundOnShow, show.wav
INIRead, HoverSound, %INIFile%, General, SoundOnHover, hover.wav
INIRead, SelectSound, %INIFile%, General, SoundOnSelect, select.wav
INIRead, HideSound, %INIFile%, General, SoundOnHide, hide.wav
INIRead, SelectEffect, %INIFile%, General, SelectEffect, shake
INIRead, DestDelay, %INIFile%, General, DestroyDelay, 0
INIRead, Font, %INIFile%, General, Font, Arial
INIRead, TextSize, %INIFile%, General, TextSize, 12
INIRead, TextColor, %INIFile%, General, TextColor, FFFFFF
INIRead, TextAA, %INIFile%, General, TextAntialias, 1
INIRead, TextTrans, %INIFile%, General, TextTrans, DE
INIRead, Shadow, %INIFile%, General, Shadow, 1
INIRead, ShadowColor, %INIFile%, General, ShadowColor, 222222
INIRead, ButtonSize, %INIFile%, General, ButtonSize, 55
INIRead, MinWheelRadius, %INIFile%, General, MinWheelRadius, 50
INIRead, Licence, %INIFile%, General, LicenceAgreement, 0

;=====  Gui  ======================================================================================
Gui, Add, Button, x220 y265 w100 h20, OK
Gui, Add, Button, x320 y265 w100 h20, Cancel
Gui, Add, Tab2,x5 y5 w415 h255, Items|General|Advanced
Gui, Tab, Items
	Gui, Add, Button, x10 y30 w100 h20 gAddItem Disabled vAddItem, Add Item
	Gui, Add, ListView, x10 y50 w100 h200 gLVHandler -Hdr, INum|ItemName|Action|YPos|Icon|IconShrink|ToolTip|Background
	Gui, Add, GroupBox, x115 y30 w300 h220, Item Attributes
		Gui, Add, Text, x125 y50 w100 h20, Name:
		Gui, Add, Edit, x210 y50 w195 h20 ReadOnly vIName,
		Gui, Add, Text, x125 y70 w100 h20, Action:
		Gui, Add, Edit, x210 y70 w195 h20 ReadOnly vIAction,
		Gui, Add, Text, x125 y90 w100 h20, Y Pos:
		Gui, Add, Edit, x210 y90 w195 h20 ReadOnly vIYPos,
		Gui, Add, Text, x125 y110 w100 h20, Icon:
		Gui, Add, Edit, x210 y110 w195 h20 ReadOnly vIIcon,
		Gui, Add, Text, x125 y130 w100 h20, Icon Shrink:
		Gui, Add, Edit, x210 y130 w195 h20 ReadOnly vIIShrink,
		Gui, Add, Text, x125 y150 w100 h20, ToolTip:
		Gui, Add, Edit, x210 y150 w195 h20 ReadOnly vITTip,
		Gui, Add, Text, x125 y170 w100 h20, Background:
		Gui, Add, Edit, x210 y170 w195 h20 ReadOnly vIBackground,
Gui, Tab, General
	Gui, Add, Text, x10 y30 w405 h20 +Center, Still to come...
	;Gui, Add, Text, x10 y30 w100 h20, Hotkey:
	;Gui, Add, Hotkey, x110 y30 w100 h20 vHKey,%HKey%		; Needs workaround to allow mouse input and use of Win keys.
	;Gui, Add, CheckBox, x10 y50 w200 h20 Checked%Sound% vSound, Use animation sounds.
Gui, Tab, Advanced
	Gui, Add, Text, x10 y30 w405 h20 +Center, Still to come...
LV_ModifyCol(1, 75)
LV_ModifyCol(2, 0)
LV_ModifyCol(3, 0)
LV_ModifyCol(4, 0)
LV_ModifyCol(5, 0)
LV_ModifyCol(6, 0)
LV_ModifyCol(7, 0)
LV_ModifyCol(8, 0)
Gui, Show, xCenter yCenter w425 h290, RMSettings v%Version%

;=====  Labels  ===================================================================================
ButtonOK:		; Check all file operation commands, I used RM settings1.ini for testing
	Gui, Submit, NoHide		; Get all options from General and Advanced tabs
	IfExist, %INIFile1%
		FileDelete, %INIFile1%		; Easiest way I could see of properly handling removal of items
	FileAppend,		; Maintaining current INI file format :P

), %INIFile1%
	ItemCount := LV_GetCount()
	Loop, %ItemCount%
		LV_GetText(INum, A_Index, 1)
		LV_GetText(IName, A_Index, 2)
		LV_GetText(IAction, A_Index, 3)
		LV_GetText(IYPos, A_Index, 4)
		LV_GetText(IIcon, A_Index, 5)
		LV_GetText(IIShrink, A_Index, 6)
		LV_GetText(ITTip, A_Index, 7)
		LV_GetText(IBGround, A_Index, 8)
		ItemString := "`n[" . INum . "]`nName = " . IName . "`nAction = " . IAction . "`nYPosition = " . IYPos . "`nIcon = " . IIcon . "`nIconShrink = " . IIShrink . "`nTooltip = " . ITTip . "`nSpecialButtonBack =	" . IBGround . "`n"
		FileAppend, %ItemString%, %INIFile1%
	FileAppend,		; Header for general tab settings


), %INIFile1%

	INIWrite, %HKey%, %INIFile1%, General, RMShowHotkey
	INIWrite, %ShowDelay%, %INIFile1%, General, ShowDelay
	INIWrite, %MenuBG%, %INIFile1%, General, MenuBackground
	INIWrite, %MenuTrans%, %INIFile1%, General, MenuBackgroundTrans
	INIWrite, %ButtonBG%, %INIFile1%, General, ButtonBackground
	INIWrite, %UseSound%, %INIFile1%, General, Sounds
	INIWrite, %ShowSound%, %INIFile1%, General, SoundOnShow
	INIWrite, %HoverSound%, %INIFile1%, General, SoundOnHover
	INIWrite, %SelectSound%, %INIFile1%, General, SoundOnSelect
	INIWrite, %HideSound%, %INIFile1%, General, SoundOnHide
	INIWrite, %SelectEffect%, %INIFile1%, General, SelectEffect
	INIWrite, %DestDelay%, %INIFile1%, General, DestroyDelay
	INIWrite, %Font%, %INIFile1%, General, Font
	INIWrite, %TextSize%, %INIFile1%, General, TextSize
	INIWrite, %TextColor%, %INIFile1%, General, TextColor
	INIWrite, %TextAA%, %INIFile1%, General, TextAntialias
	INIWrite, %TextTrans%, %INIFile1%, General, TextTrans
	INIWrite, %Shadow%, %INIFile1%, General, Shadow
	INIWrite, %ShadowColor%, %INIFile1%, General, ShadowColor
	INIWrite, %ButtonSize%, %INIFile1%, General, ButtonSize
	INIWrite, %MinWheelRadius%, %INIFile1%, General, MinWheelRadius
	INIWrite, %Licence%, %INIFile1%, General, LicenceAgreement

;	FileAppend,		; Header for advanced tab settings
;), %INIFile1%

LVHandler:		; Populates Item Attributes fields when an item is selected in the LV
	rowNum := LV_GetNext(0, "F")
	LV_GetText(IName, rowNum, 2)
	LV_GetText(IAction, rowNum, 3)
	LV_GetText(IYPos, rowNum, 4)
	LV_GetText(IIcon, rowNum, 5)
	LV_GetText(IIShrink, rowNum, 6)
	LV_GetText(ITTip, rowNum, 7)
	LV_GetText(IBackground, rowNum, 8)
	GuiControl,, IName, %IName%
	GuiControl,, IAction, %IAction%
	GuiControl,, IYPos, %IYPos%
	GuiControl,, IIcon, %IIcon%
	GuiControl,, IIShrink, %IIShrink%
	GuiControl,, ITTip, %ITTip%
	GuiControl,, IBackground, %IBackground%

AddItem:		; Adds an item to the LV by displaying a form for the user to fill out
	Gui, 1:+Disabled
	IconList := "None|"
	BBackList := "None|"
	Loop, %A_ScriptDir%\Images\Icons\*.*		; get all images in the Icons folder for the user to select from
		IconList := IconList . "|" . A_LoopFileName
	Loop, %A_ScriptDir%\Images\Item backgrounds\*.*		; get all images in the Item backgrounds folder for the user to select from
		BBackList := BBackList . "|" . A_LoopFileName
	Gui, 2:+Toolwindow
	Gui, 2:Add, Text, x5 y7 w70 h20, Name:
	Gui, 2:Add, Edit, x75 y5 w150 h20 vNName,
	Gui, 2:Add, Text, x5 y32 w70 h20, Action:
	Gui, 2:Add, Edit, x75 y30 w130 h20 vNAction,
	Gui, 2:Add, Button, x205 y30 w20 h20 gActionBrowse, ...
	Gui, 2:Add, Text, x5 y57 w70 h20, Y Position:
	Gui, 2:Add, Edit, x75 y55 w150 h20,
	Gui, 2:Add, UpDown, vNYPos Range0-55, 20
	Gui, 2:Add, Text, x5 y82 w70 h20, Icon:
	Gui, 2:Add, DropDownList, x75 y80 w150 h20 r5 vNIcon, %IconList%
	Gui, 2:Add, Text, x5 y107 w70 h20, Icon Shrink:
	Gui, 2:Add, Edit, x75 y105 w150 h20,
	Gui, 2:Add, UpDown, vNIShrink Range0-30, 10
	Gui, 2:Add, Text, x5 y132 w70 h20, Tooltip:
	Gui, 2:Add, Edit, x75 y130 w150 h20 vNTTip,
	Gui, 2:Add, Text, x5 y157 w70 h20, Background:
	Gui, 2:Add, DropDownList, x75 y155 w150 h20 r5 vNBBack, %BBackList%
	Gui, 2:Add, Button, x5 y180 w110 h20 gAddOK, OK
	Gui, 2:Add, Button, x115 y180 w110 h20 gAddCancel, Cancel
	Gui, 2:Show, xCenter yCenter w230 h205, Add Item

	FileSelectFile, NAction, 3, ::{20d04fe0-3aea-1069-a2d8-08002b30309d}, Select action to perform
	GuiControl, 2:, NAction, %NAction%

	Gui, 1:-Disabled
	Gui, Submit, NoHide
	Gui, 1:Default
	INum := "Item" . (LV_GetCount() + 1)
	If (NIcon == "None")
		NIcon := 
	If (NBBack := "None")
		NBBack := 
	LV_Add("", INum, NName, NAction, NYPos, NIcon, NIShrink, NTTip, NBBack)
	Gui, 2:Destroy


	Gui, 1:-Disabled
	Gui, 2:Destroy

;=====  Functions  ================================================================================
	;===  Count Items  ===		This section mostly from Radial menu script, writen by Learning One
	Loop, 49
		INIRead, I%A_Index%Name, %INIFile%, Item%A_Index%, Name
		If  I%A_Index%Name = ERROR   ; item Section and Key does not exist at all
			TotalButtons := A_Index - 1
		Else If (I%A_Index%Name = "" )     ;  Blank name
			INIRead, I%A_Index%Icon, %INIFile%, Item%A_Index%, Icon
			If I%A_Index%Icon =   ;  Blank Icon
				TotalButtons := A_Index - 1        ; Auto set TotalButtons
	If TotalButtons = 
		TotalButtons = 48
	;===  End Count Items  ===

	Loop, %TotalButtons%
		INum := "Item" . A_Index
		INIRead, IName, %INIFile%, Item%A_Index%, Name
		INIRead, IAction, %INIFile%, Item%A_Index%, Action
		INIRead, IYPos, %INIFile%, Item%A_Index%, YPosition
		INIRead, IIcon, %INIFile%, Item%A_Index%, Icon
		INIRead, IIShrink, %INIFile%, Item%A_Index%, IconShrink
		INIRead, ITTip, %INIFile%, Item%A_Index%, ToolTip
		INIRead, IBackground, %INIFile%, Item%A_Index%, SpecialButtonBack
		LV_Add("", INum, IName, IAction, IYPos, IIcon, IIShrink, ITTip,IBackground)
	If (TotalButtons < 48)
		GuiControl, Enable, AddItem

Learning one
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:D Good job Elesar! :D
Continue developing RMSettings.ahk!

I put a link to your work in my first post.

If you are working on RM creator.ahk or RMSettings.ahk - call it as you wish, it must be stand alone (not part of main) script! I insist on that!
Regarding RM creator.ahk (or RMSettings.ahk);
I have in plan to show blank Radial menu (AlwaysOnTop, with 48 blank items) and GUI in the left part of the screen, and Windows explorer on right side, and enable drag&drop files on RMItems (by GuiDropFiles)...

As usual, I couldn't resist do try some new things with RM. Results are very good;
Posted Image