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How to get your answers effectively - 3 step guide

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1. Read the Tutorial and FAQ

They may already have the information you are looking for.

2. Search the forums

Many thousands of questions have been answered on the forums over the past few years, so it's very likely that you can find a solution by searching for the right keywords. A great starting keyword is the name of the program or game you are trying to interact with.

3. Be descriptive and give specific details

If you still cannot find an answer then open a new topic in this section. If your question relates to gaming, please post in the Gaming section.

Avoid titles like Need help with something simple and instead use a detailed message like How to programmatically select text in Notepad. Also include details which outline how to recreate the same issue on your computer. This will greatly help other people give you the correct advice quickly.

Should you not get a response within a couple days do not open a new topic, but feel free to update your thread with more necessary information.

Bonus Tips

Live chat on IRC - join the live webchat to speak to other members in real time, share ideas and get advice.

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If the forum search does not give suffiecient results, using Google may help
Specifying the website helps focus the search.

Insert a similar to the following in the Google search box

site:autohotkey.com [keywords or phrase here]