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HELP : kindly edit my script, "Asura Strike" Ragna

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F3 - Summon Sphere
F2 - Critical Explosion
F3 - Summon Sphere
F1 - Asura Strike (i want my F1 to be pressed like im pressing F1 in the keyboard. (holding down)
F4 - Ygg Berries

Send, {F2}{F3}
sleep 300
send {F1}

send, {F4}
sleep 100
send, {F3}
sleep 100
send, {F1}

my script is kinda ok for my Ragnarok Client, but "i want to send some condition at 2nd preparation "Summon Sphere or F3". can anyone help me to edit this script?

anyway, in Ragnarok to cast this particular skill.. u need to, press 3 prep. skill and then the the Strike... between those skills there are delays that sometimes cancel or break the script/command .. for example, pressing F3 is going to "summon sphere" and then pressing F2 or the Critical Explosion, inbetween those 2 skills there is a delay.. can AUTOHOTKEY ignore or cancel that delay?

also, i would like to ask "how to hold a key" ... like its being held down or pressed in the keyboard.... then clicking my Leftmouse button will activate the skill in (F1).

thanks and more power.

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To hold down or release a key: Enclose in braces the name of the key followed by the word Down or Up. For example:
Send {b down}{b up}

Also Sleep is the easiest way to have a short delay

Sleep, DelayInMilliseconds

can AUTOHOTKEY ignore or cancel that delay

Probably not it is part of the game and would be difficult to bypass

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thanks a lot. :D

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Summon Sphere+Critical Explosion =F1
Asura Strike+yggberry =F2
some help me pls

thz all!~