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[AHK & AHK_L] Forms Framework 0.8

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The docs are also online on http://maul-esel.git...FormsFramework/.

I will look intothe code later today and then integrate it.
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Win7 HP SP1 64bit | AHK_L U 64bit

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I downloaded this a few months ago but some forms wouldn't work. Is the current one compatible with AHK_L?

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Suppose to be. I tried DockA the other day, worked fine. Looks like majkenetor is gone. Its ashame, he change the face of AHK scripting as far as I am concerned.

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[ Solved ]



Does anyone know how I can get the toolbar look/style as if visual style/theme is not enabled?

More like themeless toobar.


Like this (Visual style is disabled):





Instead of this (Visual style is enabled):





I looked into it on msdn but couldn't find anything, I know its possible because I see some applications have it.


Thanks anyway.





hToolbar:= Toolbar_Add(hGui, "TBHandler", "flat", TB_IL, "x20 y20 h128 w600")
DllCall("uxtheme\SetWindowTheme", "Uint", hToolbar, "Uint", 0, "UintP", 0)

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I need to make GUI for my script. Found this thread. Im using latest Autohotkey L Unicode 32bit.

Please explain the start point? I downloaded maul.esel's latest fixed version from git. But how to start?

I exported files, and trying to launch JumpToFunction.ahk, but it throws error message

how to build GUI? does it visual gui constructor for AHK or somethink else?

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_.ahk is saved in _ folder, you will need to copy it to your stdlib directory or put #include in JumpToFunction.ahk

#include %A_ScriptDir%\_\_.ahk

You can find several Gui Creator scripts in forum.

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The framework form 08 is simply amazing and professinally done. it is very... very  useful .thank you for sharing. wink.png




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Quick question . How to insert a picture in the richedit control? is it possible?



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This topic is old but people are still using it I presume.  I see the documentation and syntax used for the Form framework but I'd love to have an example or 2 of how to set it up.


For now I'm looking at putting a button on a title bar of a running notepad instance.  Thought this might be the solution. Thinking about maybe even creating a basic gui with a button on it and attaching it to the notepad instance with the Dock function included in this framework. Don't know just toying with ideas right now. Any other ideas to attach a button to a running instance of another app like notepad.

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I tried the Dock function and I could not get it to work on my win7 x64.


Is it hard to update the code for win7 and later win8 x64? I would do it if I knew how (and if is was not too much work).

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Which Version of AutoHotkey you tested Forms Frameworks 0.8 with? I just tested within following environment - and DockA worked fine:


AutoHotkey:    AutoHotkey
AHK Version:
Unicode:        Yes (32-bit)
Operating System:    WIN_7 (64-bit)
Admin Rights:    Yes


Forms Framework was taken from https://github.com/m.../FormsFramework