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Wacom, and GlovePie

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Hello, I'm new to this forum, and hopefully I'm posting this in the right section.
I have Wacom's Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet.

If you are familiar with Wacom, when using a pen, it maps 1:1 with the screen. So if you put your pen in the upper left corner of the tablet, the mouse jumps to that position on screen, and if you put your pen in the lower right corner of the pad, mouse pointer jumps instantly to that position on screen.

So coordinates are mapped 1 to 1. You get the idea.

However !!! When in mouse mode, no matter where you put your pen or finger the mouse stays where it is, and only after you start dragging your finger, the mouse moves from its current position, following your finger, exactly like a trackpad or a mouse would control the pointer.

So, the question IS. How would I enable the tablet in a finger mode, to respond as if its in pen mode. Meaning, that if I put my finger in the upper left corner of the tablet, the mouse cursor would jump to upper left corner of the screen. Basically I want 1:1 mapping that I get with a pen, but only with finger control.

Wacom does NOT supprot this, however from diggin on the web, it seems that Wacom DOES register exact coordinates of your finger on the pad, and not just vector data of its motion.

One possible reason that they are not supporting this feature for Bamboo tablets, could be that its multitouch, so the cursor could be confused, where it should be between two fingers registering on the pad, but thats fine, at this point, I would at least like to get positioning data, that I can plug into GlovePie to simulate mouse positioning.

So to recap. Pen mode gets Absolute Positioning (1:1 mapping), fingers get Relative positioning (draggin/mouse movement). And I want Absolute Positioning (1:1 mapping) for fingers.

Now I'm not super tech savvy, so if you have any ideas, please explain them as if you were explaining to a five year old :)

I'm hoping to get this working through Autohotkey and maybe GlovePie.

Thank you VERY MUCH for ANY input.

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I have been successfully getting raw HID input (which must then be parsed) from my wacom cintiq with the AHKHID library

<!-- m -->http://www.autohotke... ... ght=ahkhid<!-- m -->

There are some test apps that you can use to capture your tablet's HID I/O messages. I also use BlockInput to block the tablet driver from adjusting the mouse, and use Autohotkey to handle the mouse movement instead.

Also, wisptis.exe may have to be disabled if you find that BlockInput is not working

<!-- m -->http://dl.dropbox.co...tPCbeGentle.bat<!-- m -->
(from: <!-- m -->http://www.polycount...ead.php?t=78303<!-- m -->)

Someone else made the above script to do that

dinner's getting cold. good luck.