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FN key remap for Windows 7

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I've been doing a lot of digging, searching, downloading and testing... and I can't remap the FN key =( I want it to have its original function, or be remapped to Ins.

I downloaded Boot Camp 3.0, and installed the keyboard driver, then upgraded to 3.1. After much fussing the keyboard manager (renamed kbdmgr.exe to bootcamp.exe from 2.0 > 3.0) now works, and when I hit the volume up/down keys (F11, F12) the icon pops up just like in the Mac.

There are some problems though: the eject button and some other things don't work. Oddly enough, when I hit the eject button I see the icon appear, so the computer is recognizing that I'm hitting the button... but nothing happens. The Fn key is actually working. I want to switch the setting so that by default I don't need to hit Fn+F1 to do F1, but the Boot Camp control panel doesn't work. Tried changing the OSXFnbehavior in regedit, which did nothing.

Is there a solution using autohotkey scripts? I tried AutoHotkeyRemoteControlDLL.ahk, but the script doesn't really work. It's non-responsive to most if not all keyboard inputs, not just the Fn key. I tried a different script and it just failed.

Not sure why this is failing for me at every turn, so frustrating =(