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AHK Programming Arena suggestions, questions and bug reports

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we aren't dealing with walls and obstacles (or a maze)

A* being used on 15+ units on a 25x25 map every turn would significantly affect processing time and slow the code down

Random question:

If their were a set path, that went across the map, or in a path/pattern across the map, would all 625 squares of the 25x25 map need scanning? Or only the set path?

If the path is randomized I imagine this would be difficult, but if you can define a path in the code somehow, wouldn't you only need to scan the 50-125 squares on the path/pattern themselves?

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Processing the entire map is not really necessary. The usage would probably be to set a destination, form a rectangle (with a margin of 1 tile) and process all rectangle's positions. Just an idea.


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