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How to get the controlID of GUI control just created?

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sorry it sounds a stupid question but i just can't figure out >"<

I created a group of radio buttons but without any text (i put pictures beside them), so how do i GuiControl each of them after creating them?

Is there something like this:
Gui, blabla
Gui +LastFound
WinGet, var, ID
so i can get the id of each radio button after creating them?

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See "HwndOutputVar".


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Gui, Add, Radio, vControlID, Text
eg: Gui, Add, Radio, vMyRadio1, No text here

It's not easily found in the doco, but the "v" parameter ("control's associated output variable") has TWO uses:

When the Gui Submit command is used ... The radio button's associated output variable (if any) receives the number 1 for "on" and 0 for "off"

2) Allows you to set the ControlID/ClassNN of the control