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Permit duplicate Hotkeys, Labels, Hotstrings, etc.

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Sorry for bumping such an old thread, but I didn't want to start a new topic and this was the most recent one I found on this issue.


Has any headway been made on implementing this suggestion? This and "Target label does not exist" absolutely drive me nuts! I use a lot of #includes and conditionally, gosubs, depending on the scripts I write (mainly for mturk). Some tasks require me to make a formatQuery sub to clean up the search, and for those that don't, my google() function (which gosubs to formatQuery) just errors. Why can't it just execute normally, and treat the non-existent sub as if it did exist, but simply with no lines of code? This is so much more intuitive imo, and saves me a lot of time (and redundancy) from creating dummy subs (whose only purpose is to rid the error, which is counter-intuitive)