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Computer ID

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Statement 1: every window has its own unique ID number. To get it I call:
WinGet, WinID, ID, Some win title
Statement 2: every computer has its own unique ID number. To get it I call:
Msgbox, %A_ComputerName%
Is statement 2 true? If not, how to get unique Computer ID?

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What is unique Computer ID?
This would mean there is no other computer having same ID :?:

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%A_ComputerName% is the computer name, that one you set for yourself in right-click on My Computer > Properties > Computer Name. It is nothing like an ID, let alone unique.

Perhaps you would like to get something like a MAC address of the (built-in) network card or something that is kinda unique to a computer?

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Ok, I want to make a script that will run only on 3 computers on my job (let's call them A,B,C) and nowhere else. So, if someone tries to run script on computer that is not either A or B or C script must not work. How do I identify is current computer A or B or C?

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How to generate a unique hardware ID / fingerprint :?:

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None, I tried to understand codes in that thread, but this is too advanced for me. :oops:
Can someone write a simple code that will show me processor ID? Sorry if I ask too much.

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how about make a gui with a username and password?


Gui, Add, Edit, vusername, UserName
Gui, Add, Edit, password vpassword, Password
Gui, Add, Button, , OK
Gui, Show
username = x
password = y

Gui, Submit, NoHide

If username = x and if password = y then 
blah blah blah

and only you should know the username and password

just a simple auth so nobody will be able to use it besides you

and of course just change x and y to whatever you want

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I'm not interested in gui with a username and password.
So my question is: How to get processor ID? (Preferably in AHK_L unicode build)